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OCamlPro's version of OCaml on Windows

See TypeRex's page on OCPWin

This is an experiment to provide a self-contained OCaml distribution for Windows. You can download the ZIP archive, extract the files where you want, add the bin directory to your PATH, and you can start using OCaml bytecode and native compilers. In particular, you don't need to install Cygwin to use this distribution.

We only provide binary releases. If you are interested in getting an open-source copy of the sources for your own needs, or in clarifying other licensing issues, contact

MinGW, full MinGW and MSVC, and Cygwin

OcpWin comes in three variants:

  • The "MinGW" variant is an OCaml distribution packaged with a minimal set of MinGW files (the "gcc" C-compiler distribution for Windows). It should be enough to compile any basic project without Cygwin or MSVC.
  • The "full MinGW" variant is an OCaml distribution packaged with a complete set of MinGW files (the "gcc" C-compiler distribution for Windows). It can be used to compile any project that requires a complete C-compiler suite.
  • The "MSVC" variant is an OCaml distribution packaged to use MSVC (Microsoft Visual Compiler) instead of MinGW. You should install the "Microsoft Windows 7 SDK" version (Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1), but it will work with any other version if you set Visual Studio environment variables correctly.

The two MinGW variants can be configured to use MSVC instead of MinGW at runtime. For that, you should look for a file called ocaml.msvcXX (where XX is 32 or 64) in the directory pointed by ocamlc -where, and then set the variable OCPCOMP_FILE to point to that file (with a Windows path, not a Cygwin path):

export OCPCOMP_FILE=c:/OCamlPro/OcpWin32/lib/ocaml.msvc32

All these versions will work normally under Cygwin, provided that you don't install another OCaml version in your Cygwin PATH before them.


Use this page for the latest version or go to one of beta releases, a corresponding download link should be available at the beginning of the release note.

Stables Releases:

There are no stable releases yet.

Beta Releases (Available now in 32 and 64 bits)

WARNING: Some versions are known to corrupt long PATH variables !!! Please, backup your PATH variable before installing. 2015 versions are supposed to fix the problem, please report if it is/it is not the case.

Release notes:


Some information is available here


Use this bug tracker

Basic Information on ocp-build

Read the stable subset to know how to use it in a forward compatibility mode.

Differences with OCaml on Windows

Another installer is also provided for OCaml on Windows, by Jonathan Protzenko. The main differences are:

32 bit versionYesYes
64 bit versionYes
MinGW C-CompilerIncludedUse Cygwin MinGW
Cygwin InstalledOptionalMandatory
MSVC configurationAuto-detectedNo
Build Systemsocp-build, ocamlbuild, ocamlc -makeocamlfind, ocamlbuild


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