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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
(** Low-level untyped system operations. *)
(** Exception raised when subprocess fails *)
exception Process_error of Process.result
(** raise [Process_error] *)
val process_error: Process.result -> 'a
(** Exception raised when a computation in the current process
fails. *)
exception Internal_error of string
(** Raise [Internal_error] *)
val internal_error: ('a, unit, string, 'b) format4 -> 'a
(** [with_tmp_dir fn] executes [fn] in a tempory directory *)
val with_tmp_dir: (string -> 'a) -> 'a
(** [copy src dst] copies [src] to [dst] *)
val copy: string -> string -> unit
(** [link src dst] links [src] to [dst] *)
val link: string -> string -> unit
(** [real_path p] returns the real path associated to [p]: [..] are
expanded and relative paths become absolute. *)
val real_path: string -> string
(** [read filename] returns the contents of [filename] *)
val read: string -> string
(** [write filename contents] write [contents] to [filename] *)
val write: string -> string -> unit
(** [remove filename] removes [filename]. Works whether [filename] is
a file or a directory *)
val remove: string -> unit
(** [remove_file filename] removes [filename]. Works only for normal
files (or also at least for symlinks) *)
val remove_file: string -> unit
(** [remove_dir filename] removes [filename]. Works only for
directory (not for symlinks or other files). *)
val remove_dir: string -> unit
(** Change the current working directory *)
val chdir: string -> unit
(** [in_dir dir fn] evaluates [fn] in the directory [dir] *)
val in_dir: string -> (unit -> 'a) -> 'a
(** [files_with_links dir] returns the files in the directory [dir].
Links simulating directory are ignored, others links are returned. *)
val files_with_links: string -> string list
(** [rec_files dir] returns the list of all files in [dir],
Links behaving like directory are crossed. *)
val rec_files: string -> string list
(** Return the version of the current OCaml compiler. If no OCaml
compiler is present in the path, then it returns [None]. *)
val ocaml_version: unit -> string option
(** Return the path where ocamlc library is installed *)
val ocamlc_where: unit -> string option
(** [directories_with_links dir] returns the directories in the directory [dir].
Links pointing to directory are also returned. *)
val directories_with_links: string -> string list
(** a command is a list of words *)
type command = string list
(** [command cmd] executes the command [cmd]. Return the exit code. *)
val command:
?verbose:bool ->
?add_to_env:(string*string) list ->
?add_to_path:string list -> command -> unit
(** [commands ~add_to_path cmds] executes the commands [cmds]
in a context where $PATH contains [add_to_path] at the beginning.
It stops whenever one command fails. *)
val commands:
?verbose:bool ->
?add_to_env:(string*string) list ->
?add_to_path:string list -> command list -> unit
(** [read_command_output cmd] executes the command [cmd] and return
the lines from stdout *)
val read_command_output:
?add_to_env:(string*string) list ->
?add_to_path:string list -> command -> string list
(** Test whether the file is an archive, by looking as its extension *)
val is_tar_archive: string -> bool
(** [extract filename dirname] extracts the archive [filename] into
[dirname]. [dirname] should not exists and [filename] should
contain only one top-level directory.*)
val extract: string -> string -> unit
(** [extract_in filename dirname] extracts the archive [filename] into
[dirname]. [dirname] should already exists. *)
val extract_in: string -> string -> unit
(** Create a directory. Do not fail if the directory already
exist. *)
val mkdir: string -> unit
(** {2 File locking function} *)
(** [flock ()] takes the global file lock. If the lock is already
taken, sleep for 1s and then retry. Abort after 5 tentatives. *)
val flock: unit -> unit
(** [funlock ()] unlocks the global file lock. Work only if the
current processus is the same as the one who took the lock at the
first place. *)
val funlock: unit -> unit
(** Functional version of [flock / funlock] *)
val with_flock: (unit -> unit) -> unit
(** {2 Function used only by the switch commnand} *)
(** download compiler sources *)
val download: filename:string -> dirname:string -> string
(** Apply a patch file in the current directory. *)
val patch: string -> unit
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