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% OPAM-PIN(1) opam 0.6.0 | OPAM Manual % OCamlPro % 10/09/2012


opam-pin - Pin a package to a specific version


opam pin <package> <version>

opam pin <package> <path>

opam pin <package> none


This command will "pin" a package to a specific version, or use a specific source path for installing and upgrading the package. Using opam pin <package> none will undo the "pinned" status of <package>.


<package> : Specify package to pin or unpin.

<version> : Pin the selected package to a specific version.

<path> : Use the specified path for installing or upgrading the package. This means that from now on, opam install and opam upgrade will use the specified path to install (respectively upgrade) the package.

none : Unpin the package, i.e. use the default sources and version for the package.


Part of the opam(1) suite

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