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<center><h1>Module <a href="type_OpamClient.html">OpamClient</a></h1></center>
<pre><span class="keyword">module</span> OpamClient: <code class="code">sig</code> <a href="OpamClient.html">..</a> <code class="code">end</code></pre>Client entry-point.<br>
<hr width="100%">
<pre><span id="VALinit"><span class="keyword">val</span> init</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPErepository">OpamTypes.repository</a> -> <a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEcompiler">OpamTypes.compiler</a> option -> int -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Initialize the client a consistent state.
    <code class="code">init repo alias oversion cores</code> means:<ul>
<li><code class="code">repo</code> is the initial repository description,</li>
<li><code class="code">oversion</code> is the version of the compiler. <code class="code">None</code> means we
      are using the system-wide installed compiler.</li>
<li><code class="code">cores</code> is the number of cores</li>
<pre><span id="VALlist"><span class="keyword">val</span> list</span> : <code class="type">print_short:bool -><br> installed_only:bool -><br> ?name_only:bool -> ?case_sensitive:bool -> string list -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Display all available packages that matches any of the regexps.<br>
<pre><span id="VALinfo"><span class="keyword">val</span> info</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEname"></a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Display a general summary of a package.<br>
<pre><span id="VALconfig"><span class="keyword">val</span> config</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEconfig">OpamTypes.config</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Depending on request, return options or directories where the
    package is installed.<br>
<pre><span id="VALinstall"><span class="keyword">val</span> install</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEname_set">OpamTypes.name_set</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Install the given set of packages. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALreinstall"><span class="keyword">val</span> reinstall</span> : <code class="type">OpamPackage.Name.Set.t -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Reinstall the given set of packages. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALupdate"><span class="keyword">val</span> update</span> : <code class="type">string list -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Refresh the available packages. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALupgrade"><span class="keyword">val</span> upgrade</span> : <code class="type">OpamPackage.Name.Set.t -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Find a consistent state where most of the installed packages are
    upgraded to their latest version.
    If no package packages are specified then try to upgrade everything.
    Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALupload"><span class="keyword">val</span> upload</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEupload">OpamTypes.upload</a> -> string option -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Upload a package to a remote repository. If repo is <code class="code">None</code> then it
    will look for the repository associated with the package
    name. Otherwise, it will look for a repository having the right
    name. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALremove"><span class="keyword">val</span> remove</span> : <code class="type">OpamPackage.Name.Set.t -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Remove the given set of packages. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALremote"><span class="keyword">val</span> remote</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEremote">OpamTypes.remote</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Manage remote repositories. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_install"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_install</span> : <code class="type">bool -> <a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEalias">OpamTypes.alias</a> -> <a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEcompiler">OpamTypes.compiler</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Install the given compiler. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_import"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_import</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEfilename">OpamTypes.filename</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Import the packages from a file. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_export"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_export</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEfilename">OpamTypes.filename</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Export the packages to a file. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_remove"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_remove</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEalias">OpamTypes.alias</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Remove the given compiler. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_switch"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_switch</span> : <code class="type">bool -> <a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEalias">OpamTypes.alias</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Switch to the given compiler. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_reinstall"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_reinstall</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEalias">OpamTypes.alias</a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Reinstall the given compiler. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_list"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_list</span> : <code class="type">unit -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
List the available compiler descriptions<br>
<pre><span id="VALcompiler_current"><span class="keyword">val</span> compiler_current</span> : <code class="type">unit -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Display the name of the current compiler<br>
<pre><span id="VALpin"><span class="keyword">val</span> pin</span> : <code class="type"><a href="OpamTypes.html#TYPEpin"></a> -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
Pin a package to a specific version. Take the global file lock.<br>
<pre><span id="VALpin_list"><span class="keyword">val</span> pin_list</span> : <code class="type">unit -> unit</code></pre><div class="info">
List the current pinned packages<br>
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