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0.3.2 [8 August 2012]
* fix regression for 'opam switch' introduced in 0.3
* fix deletion of optional dependencies
* support for pinned packages
* fix compilation for ocaml 4.00
* fix compilation for *BSD
0.3.1 [July 2012]
* fix regression for 'opam install' introduced in 0.3
0.3 [July 2012]
* improve parallel compilation of packages
* better recovery on compilation/installation errors
* first draft of version pinnig
* fix 'opam config -env' for old shells
* install the latest version of packages when possible
* more robust 'opam update' (ie. old files are gc-ed)
* add a (more or less) generic way to install and use topfind
0.2 [July 2012]
* more robust switch command
* more robust parallel build (not yet activated by default)
* support for compiler-constraints in packages
* new solver heuristics
* improved performance on init with the rsync backend
0.1 [June 2012]
* Initial version
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