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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* TypeRex is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
(** OPAM client. *)
open Types
(** Initializes the client a consistent state.
[init repo alias oversion cores] means:
- [repo] is the initial repository description,
- [alias] the compiler alias
- [oversion] is the version of the compiler
- [cores] is the number of cores *)
val init : repository -> Alias.t option -> OCaml_V.t option -> int -> unit
(** Displays all available packages.
If [bool] is [true], then we only display
packages that are known to exist. *)
val list : bool -> unit
(** Displays a general summary of a package. *)
val info : N.t -> unit
(** Depending on request, returns options or directories where the
package is installed. *)
val config : config -> unit
(** Installs the given set of packages. Take the global file lock. *)
val install : N.Set.t -> unit
(** Refresh the available packages. Take the global file lock. *)
val update : unit -> unit
(** Finds a consistent state where most of the installed packages are
upgraded to their latest version. Take the global file lock. *)
val upgrade : unit -> unit
(** Upload a package to a remote repository. If repo is [None] then it
will look for the repository associated with the package
name. Otherwise, it will look for a repository having the right
name. Take the global file lock. *)
val upload : upload -> string option -> unit
(** Removes the given set of packages. Take the global file lock. *)
val remove : N.Set.t -> unit
(** Manage remote repositories. Take the global file lock. *)
val remote : remote -> unit
(** [switch and_clone alias descr] switch to an OCaml compiler
and clone at the end in case [and_clone] is [true]. It creates
{i $opam/$alias} if it does not exists by reading the contents
of {i $opam/compilers/$descr.comp}.
It takes the global file lock. *)
val switch: bool -> Alias.t -> OCaml_V.t -> unit
(** [compiler_list] list the available compiler descriptions *)
val compiler_list: unit -> unit
(** Pin a package to a specific version. Take the global file lock. *)
val pin: pin -> unit
(** list the current pinned packages *)
val pin_list: unit -> unit
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