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-include ../Makefile.config
CUDF = cudf-0.6.3
CUDFMD5 = 40c4e2c50ea96d0c9e565db16d20639a
EXTLIB = extlib-1.5.3
EXTLIBMD5 = 3de5f4e0a95fda7b2f3819c4a655b17c
DOSE = dose3-3.1.2
DOSEMD5 = e98ff720fcc3873def46c85c6a980a1b
CMDLINER = cmdliner-0.9.3
CMDLINERMD5 = d63dd3b03966d65fc242246859c831c7
GRAPH = ocamlgraph-1.8.1
GRAPHMD5 = 5aa256e9587a6d264d189418230af698
RE = ocaml-re-1.2.0
REMD5 = 5cbfc137683ef2b0e91f931577f2e673
# Portable md5check
MD5CHECK = ocaml ../shell/
all: clone depends.ocp
depends.ocp: depends.ocp.boot
cp $< $@
clone: cudf.stamp extlib.stamp ocaml-re.stamp ocamlgraph.stamp dose.stamp cmdliner.stamp
$(MD5CHECK) $(CUDF).tar.gz $(CUDFMD5)
cudf.stamp: $(CUDF).tar.gz
tar xfz $(CUDF).tar.gz
rm -rf cudf
mv $(CUDF) cudf
@touch $@
extlib.stamp: $(EXTLIB).tar.gz
tar xfz $(EXTLIB).tar.gz
rm -rf extlib
mv $(EXTLIB) extlib
@touch $@
@if [ -e dose ]; then \
cd dose; \
git pull; \
else \
git clone --depth 1 git:// dose; \
$(MD5CHECK) $(DOSE).tar.gz $(DOSEMD5)
dose.stamp: $(DOSE).tar.gz
tar xfz $(DOSE).tar.gz
cd $(DOSE) && patch -p1 < ../dose-pcre2re.diff && patch -p1 < ../dose-mktemp.diff && patch -p1 < ../dose-quotecriteria.diff && cd ..
rm -rf dose
mv $(DOSE) dose
@touch $@
cmdliner.stamp: $(CMDLINER).tbz
tar xfj $(CMDLINER).tbz
rm -rf cmdliner
mv $(CMDLINER) cmdliner
@touch $@
# $(FETCH)$(GRAPH).tar.gz
$(MD5CHECK) $(GRAPH).tar.gz $(GRAPHMD5)
ocamlgraph.stamp: $(GRAPH).tar.gz
tar xfz $(GRAPH).tar.gz
rm -rf ocamlgraph
mv $(GRAPH) ocamlgraph
@touch $@
$(MD5CHECK) $(RE).tar.gz $(REMD5)
ocaml-re.stamp: $(RE).tar.gz
tar xfz $(RE).tar.gz
mv ocaml-re-$(RE) ocaml-re
@touch $@
rm -rf *~
distclean: clean
rm -rf cudf extlib ocaml-re ocamlgraph dose cmdliner
rm -f depends.ocp
rm -f *.tar.gz *.tbz *.stamp
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