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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
let log fmt = OpamGlobals.log "SOLUTION" fmt
open OpamTypes
open OpamFilename.OP
open OpamState.Types
let proceed_to_install t nv =
let build_dir = t.root t.switch nv in
if OpamFilename.exists_dir build_dir then OpamFilename.in_dir build_dir (fun () ->
OpamGlobals.msg "Installing %s\n" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
let t = OpamState.load_state () in
let name = nv in
let opam_f = OpamPath.opam t.root nv in
let opam_ = OpamState.opam t nv in
let config_f = OpamPath.Switch.build_config t.root t.switch nv in
let config = OpamFile.Dot_config.safe_read config_f in
let install_f = OpamPath.Switch.build_install t.root t.switch nv in
let install = OpamFile.Dot_install.safe_read install_f in
(* check that libraries and syntax extensions specified in .opam and
.config are in sync *)
let check kind config_sections opam_sections =
List.iter (fun cs ->
if not (List.mem cs opam_sections) then
OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "The %s %s does not appear in %s"
kind (OpamVariable.Section.to_string cs) (OpamFilename.to_string opam_f)
) config_sections;
List.iter (fun os ->
if not (List.mem os config_sections) then
OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "The %s %s does not appear in %s"
kind (OpamVariable.Section.to_string os) (OpamFilename.to_string config_f)
) opam_sections in
if not (OpamFilename.exists config_f)
&& (OpamFile.OPAM.libraries opam_ <> [] || OpamFile.OPAM.syntax opam_ <> []) then
"%s does not exist but %s defines some libraries and syntax extensions"
(OpamFilename.to_string config_f)
(OpamFilename.to_string opam_f);
check "library"
(OpamFile.Dot_config.Library.available config)
(OpamFile.OPAM.libraries opam_);
check "syntax"
(OpamFile.Dot_config.Syntax.available config)
(OpamFile.OPAM.syntax opam_);
(* check that depends (in .opam) and requires (in .config) fields
are in almost in sync *)
(* NOTES: the check is partial as we don't know which clause is valid
in depends (XXX there is surely a way to get it from the solver) *)
let local_sections = OpamFile.Dot_config.Section.available config in
let libraries_in_opam =
OpamFormula.fold_left (fun accu (n,_) ->
if OpamState.mem_installed_package_by_name t n then (
let nv = OpamState.find_installed_package_by_name t n in
let opam = OpamState.opam t nv in
let libs = OpamFile.OPAM.libraries opam in
let syntax = OpamFile.OPAM.syntax opam in
List.fold_right OpamVariable.Section.Set.add (libs @ syntax) accu
) else
) OpamVariable.Section.Set.empty (OpamFile.OPAM.depends opam_) in
let libraries_in_config =
List.fold_left (fun accu s ->
List.fold_left (fun accu r ->
OpamVariable.Section.Set.add r accu
) accu (OpamFile.Dot_config.Section.requires config s)
) OpamVariable.Section.Set.empty local_sections in
OpamVariable.Section.Set.iter (fun s ->
if not (List.mem s local_sections)
&& not (OpamVariable.Section.Set.mem s libraries_in_opam) then
let config_f = OpamFilename.to_string (OpamPath.Switch.build_config t.root t.switch nv) in
let opam_f = OpamFilename.to_string (OpamPath.opam t.root nv) in
let local_sections = OpamVariable.Section.to_string local_sections in
let opam_sections = OpamVariable.Section.to_string (OpamVariable.Section.Set.elements libraries_in_opam) in
"%s appears as a library dependency in %s, but:\n\
- %s defines the libraries {%s}\n\
- Packages in %s defines the libraries {%s}"
(OpamVariable.Section.to_string s) config_f
config_f (String.concat ", " local_sections)
opam_f (String.concat ", " opam_sections)
) libraries_in_config;
(* .install *)
OpamFile.Dot_install.write (OpamPath.Switch.install t.root t.switch name) install;
(* .config *)
OpamFile.Dot_config.write (OpamPath.Switch.config t.root t.switch name) config;
(* lib *)
let warnings = ref [] in
let check f dst =
if not f.optional && not (OpamFilename.exists f.c) then (
warnings := (f.c, dst) :: !warnings
OpamFilename.exists f.c in
let lib = OpamPath.Switch.lib t.root t.switch name in
List.iter (fun f ->
if check f lib then
OpamFilename.copy_in f.c lib
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.lib install);
(* toplevel *)
let toplevel = OpamPath.Switch.toplevel t.root t.switch in
List.iter (fun f ->
if check f toplevel then
OpamFilename.copy_in f.c toplevel
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.toplevel install);
(* bin *)
List.iter (fun (src, dst) ->
let dst = OpamPath.Switch.bin t.root t.switch // OpamFilename.Base.to_string dst in
(* WARNING [dst] could be a symbolic link (in this case, it will be removed). *)
if check src (OpamPath.Switch.bin t.root t.switch) then
OpamFilename.copy src.c dst;
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.bin install);
(* misc *)
(fun (src, dst) ->
if OpamFilename.exists dst && OpamState.confirm "Overwriting %s ?" (OpamFilename.to_string dst) then
OpamFilename.copy src.c dst
else begin
OpamGlobals.msg "Installing %s to %s.\n" (OpamFilename.to_string src.c) (OpamFilename.to_string dst);
if OpamState.confirm "Continue ?" then
OpamFilename.copy src.c dst
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.misc install);
(* Shared files *)
List.iter (fun (src, dst) ->
let share = OpamPath.Switch.share t.root t.switch name in
let dst = share // OpamFilename.Base.to_string dst in
(* WARNING [dst] could be a symbolic link (in this case, it will be removed). *)
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir share) then
OpamFilename.mkdir share;
OpamFilename.copy src.c dst;
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.share install);
if !warnings <> [] then (
let print (f, dst) = Printf.sprintf " - %s in %s" (OpamFilename.to_string f) (OpamFilename.Dir.to_string dst) in
"Error while installing the following files:\n%s"
(String.concat "\n" ( print !warnings));
OpamGlobals.exit 2;
if not (!OpamGlobals.keep_build_dir || !OpamGlobals.debug) then
OpamFilename.rmdir build_dir
let pinned_path t nv =
let name = nv in
if OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem name t.pinned then
match OpamPackage.Name.Map.find name t.pinned with
| Path _
| Darcs _
| Git _ as k -> Some k
| _ -> None
let get_archive t nv =
log "get_archive %s" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
let aux repo_p repo = repo nv;
let src = OpamPath.Repository.archive repo_p nv in
let dst = OpamPath.archive t.root nv in
if OpamFilename.exists src then ( src dst;
Some dst
) else
None in
OpamState.with_repository t nv aux
(* For pinned packages, we keep the build cache in
~/.opam/<switch>/pinned.cache/<name> as:
i) it's quite important to build and sync-up in different places
ii) the build directory will be deleted afterwards anyway *)
let extract_package t nv =
log "extract_package: %s" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
let build_dir = t.root t.switch nv in
OpamFilename.rmdir build_dir;
match pinned_path t nv with
| Some (Git p | Darcs p | Path p as pin) ->
let pinned_dir = OpamPath.Switch.pinned_dir t.root t.switch ( nv) in
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir pinned_dir) then (
match OpamState.update_pinned_package t nv pin with
| Not_available -> OpamGlobals.error "%s is not available" (OpamFilename.Dir.to_string p)
| Result _
| Up_to_date _ -> ()
) else
OpamGlobals.msg "Synchronization: nothing to do as the pinned package has already been initialized.\n";
let _files = OpamState.with_repository t nv (fun repo _ ->
OpamFilename.in_dir pinned_dir (fun () -> OpamRepository.copy_files repo nv)
) in
OpamFilename.link_dir pinned_dir build_dir
| _ ->
match get_archive t nv with
| None -> ()
| Some archive ->
OpamGlobals.msg "Extracting %s\n" (OpamFilename.to_string archive);
OpamFilename.extract archive build_dir
let proceed_to_delete ~rm_build t nv =
log "deleting %s" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
OpamGlobals.msg "Uninstalling %s\n" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
let name = nv in
(* Run the remove script *)
let opam_f = OpamPath.opam t.root nv in
if OpamFilename.exists opam_f then (
let opam = OpamState.opam t nv in
match OpamState.filter_commands t (OpamFile.OPAM.remove opam) with
| [] -> ()
| remove ->
let p_build = t.root t.switch nv in
(* We try to run the remove scripts in the folder where it was extracted
If it does not exist, we try to download and extract the archive again,
if that fails, we don't really care. *)
(* We also use a small hack: if the remove command is simply 'ocamlfind remove xxx'
then, no need to extract the archive again. *)
let use_ocamlfind = function
| [] -> true
| "ocamlfind" :: _ -> true
| _ -> false in
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir p_build)
&& OpamState.mem_repository t nv
&& not (List.for_all use_ocamlfind remove) then (
try extract_package t nv
with _ -> OpamFilename.mkdir p_build;
try OpamFilename.exec ~add_to_path:[OpamPath.Switch.bin t.root t.switch] p_build remove
with _ -> ();
(* Remove the libraries *)
OpamFilename.rmdir (OpamPath.Switch.lib t.root t.switch name);
(* Remove the documentation *)
OpamFilename.rmdir (OpamPath.Switch.doc t.root t.switch name);
(* XXX: remove the man pages *)
(* Remove build/<package> if requested *)
if rm_build then
OpamFilename.rmdir ( t.root t.switch nv);
(* Clean-up the repositories *)
log "Cleaning-up the repositories";
let repos =
try OpamPackage.Name.Map.find ( nv) t.repo_index
with _ -> [] in
List.iter (fun r ->
let repo_p = OpamPath.Repository.create t.root r in
let tmp_dir = OpamPath.Repository.tmp_dir repo_p nv in
OpamFilename.rmdir tmp_dir
) repos;
(* Remove the binaries *)
log "Removing the binaries";
let install = OpamFile.Dot_install.safe_read (OpamPath.Switch.install t.root t.switch name) in
List.iter (fun (_,dst) ->
let dst = OpamPath.Switch.bin t.root t.switch // (OpamFilename.Base.to_string dst) in
OpamFilename.remove dst
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.bin install);
(* Remove the misc files *)
log "Removing the misc files";
List.iter (fun (_,dst) ->
if OpamFilename.exists dst then begin
OpamGlobals.msg "Removing %s." (OpamFilename.to_string dst);
if OpamState.confirm "Continue ?" then
OpamFilename.remove dst
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.misc install);
(* Remove the shared files *)
log "Removing the shared files";
let share = OpamPath.Switch.share t.root t.switch name in
List.iter (fun (_,dst) ->
let dst = share // (OpamFilename.Base.to_string dst) in
if OpamFilename.exists dst then
OpamGlobals.msg "Removing %s." (OpamFilename.to_string dst);
) (OpamFile.Dot_install.share install);
(match OpamFilename.list_files share, OpamFilename.list_dirs share with
| [], [] -> OpamFilename.rmdir share
| _ ->
"%s is not empty, I'm keeping its content for futur installations"
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string share));
(* Remove .config and .install *)
log "Removing config and install files";
OpamFilename.remove (OpamPath.Switch.install t.root t.switch name);
OpamFilename.remove (OpamPath.Switch.config t.root t.switch name)
(* In case of error, simply return the error traces, and let the
repo in a state that the user can explore.
Do not try to recover yet. *)
let proceed_to_change t nv_old nv =
OpamGlobals.msg "\n=-=-= %s =-=-=\n" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
(* First, uninstall any previous version *)
(match nv_old with
| Some nv_old -> proceed_to_delete ~rm_build:true t nv_old
| None -> ());
let opam = OpamState.opam t nv in
(* Get the env variables set up in the compiler description file *)
let env0 = OpamState.get_env t in
let env = OpamState.update_env t env0 (OpamFile.OPAM.build_env opam) in
(* Prepare the package for the build. *)
extract_package t nv;
let p_build = t.root t.switch nv in
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir p_build) then
OpamFilename.mkdir p_build;
(* Substitute the patched files.*)
let patches = OpamFile.OPAM.patches opam in
OpamFilename.in_dir p_build (fun () ->
let all = OpamFile.OPAM.substs opam in
let patches =
OpamMisc.filter_map (fun (f,_) ->
if List.mem f all then Some f else None
) patches in
List.iter (OpamState.substitute_file t) patches
(* Apply the patches *)
List.iter (fun (base, filter) ->
let root = t.root t.switch nv in
let patch = root // OpamFilename.Base.to_string base in
if OpamState.eval_filter t filter then (
OpamGlobals.msg "Applying %s\n" (OpamFilename.Base.to_string base);
OpamFilename.patch patch p_build)
) patches;
(* Substitute the configuration files. We should be in the right
directory to get the correct absolute path for the
substitution files (see [substitute_file] and
[OpamFilename.of_basename]. *)
OpamFilename.in_dir p_build (fun () ->
List.iter (OpamState.substitute_file t) (OpamFile.OPAM.substs opam)
(* Generate an environnement file *)
let env_f = OpamPath.Switch.build_env t.root t.switch nv in
OpamFile.Env.write env_f env.new_env;
(* Exec the given commands. *)
let exec name f =
let commands = OpamState.filter_commands t (f opam) in
let commands_s = (fun cmd -> String.concat " " cmd) commands in
if commands_s <> [] then
OpamGlobals.msg "%s:\n %s\n" name (String.concat "\n " commands_s)
OpamGlobals.msg "Nothing to do.\n";
commands in
(* First, we build the package. *)
exec "Building the package";
(* If necessary, build and run the test. *)
if !OpamGlobals.build_test then
exec "Building and running the test" OpamFile.OPAM.build_test;
(* If necessary, build the documentation. *)
if !OpamGlobals.build_doc then
exec "Generating the documentation" OpamFile.OPAM.build_doc;
(* If everyting went fine, finally install the package. *)
proceed_to_install t nv;
with e ->
(* We keep the build dir to help debugging *)
proceed_to_delete ~rm_build:false t nv;
begin match nv_old with
| None ->
"The compilation of %s failed in %s."
(OpamPackage.to_string nv)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string p_build)
| Some nv_old ->
"The recompilation of %s failed in %s."
(OpamPackage.to_string nv)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string p_build)
raise e
(* We need to clean-up things before recompiling. *)
let proceed_to_recompile t nv =
proceed_to_change t (Some nv) nv
let error_if_no_solution = function
| No_solution -> OpamGlobals.exit 3
| _ -> ()
let sum stats =
stats.s_install + stats.s_reinstall + stats.s_remove + stats.s_upgrade + stats.s_downgrade
let unknown_package name version =
match version with
| None -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "%S is not a valid package.\n" (OpamPackage.Name.to_string name)
| Some v -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "The package %S has no version %s." (OpamPackage.Name.to_string name) (OpamPackage.Version.to_string v)
let unavailable_package name version =
match version with
| None ->
"%S is not available for your compiler or your OS.\n"
(OpamPackage.Name.to_string name)
| Some v ->
"Version %s of %S is incompatible with your compiler or your OS."
(OpamPackage.Version.to_string v)
(OpamPackage.Name.to_string name)
let eq_atom name version =
name, Some (`Eq, version)
let eq_atoms_of_packages set = (fun nv -> eq_atom ( nv) (OpamPackage.version nv)) (OpamPackage.Set.elements set)
let atom_of_package nv = nv, None
let atoms_of_packages set = atom_of_package (OpamPackage.Set.elements set)
let atom_of_name name =
name, None
(* transform a name into:
- <name, installed version> package
- <$n,$v> package when name = $n.$v *)
let atoms_of_names t names =
let available = OpamPackage.to_map (Lazy.force t.available_packages) in
let installed = OpamState.installed_map t in
let packages = OpamPackage.to_map t.packages in
(fun name ->
if OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem name packages then (
if OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem name installed
|| OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem name available then
atom_of_name name
(* perhaps the package is unavailable for this compiler *)
let versions = OpamPackage.Name.Map.find name packages in
if not (OpamPackage.Version.Set.is_empty versions) then
unavailable_package name None
unknown_package name None
) else (
(* consider 'name' to be 'name.version' *)
let nv =
try OpamPackage.of_string (OpamPackage.Name.to_string name)
with Not_found -> unknown_package name None in
let sname = nv in
let sversion = OpamPackage.version nv in
log "The raw name %S not found, looking for package %s version %s"
(OpamPackage.Name.to_string name)
(OpamPackage.Name.to_string sname)
(OpamPackage.Version.to_string sversion);
if OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem sname available
&& OpamPackage.Version.Set.mem sversion (OpamPackage.Name.Map.find sname available) then
eq_atom sname sversion
else if OpamPackage.Name.Map.mem sname packages then
unavailable_package sname (Some sversion)
unknown_package sname (Some sversion)
(OpamPackage.Name.Set.elements names)
(* Apply a solution *)
let apply_solution ?(force = false) t sol =
let open PackageActionGraph in
if OpamSolver.solution_is_empty sol then
(* The current state satisfies the request contraints *)
else (
let stats = OpamSolver.stats sol in
OpamGlobals.msg "The following actions will be performed:\n";
OpamSolver.print_solution sol;
OpamGlobals.msg "%s\n" (OpamSolver.string_of_stats stats);
let continue =
if force || sum stats <= 1 then
OpamState.confirm "Do you want to continue ?" in
if continue then (
let installed = ref t.installed in
(* This function should be called by the parent process only, as it modifies
the global state of OPAM *)
let write_installed () =
OpamFile.Installed.write (OpamPath.Switch.installed t.root t.switch) !installed in
(* Delete the requested packages in the parent process *)
(* In case of errors, we try to keep the list of installed packages up-to-date *)
(fun nv ->
if OpamPackage.Set.mem nv !installed then begin
proceed_to_delete ~rm_build:true t nv;
installed := OpamPackage.Set.remove nv !installed;
write_installed ()
with _ ->
(* Installation and recompilation are done by child processes *)
let child n =
let t = OpamState.load_state () in
match n with
| To_change (o, nv) -> proceed_to_change t o nv
| To_recompile nv -> proceed_to_recompile t nv
| To_delete _ -> assert false in
let pre _ = () in
(* Update the installed file in the parent process *)
let post = function
| To_delete _ -> assert false
| To_recompile _ -> ()
| To_change (None, nv) ->
installed := OpamPackage.Set.add nv !installed;
write_installed ()
| To_change (Some o, nv) ->
installed := OpamPackage.Set.add nv (OpamPackage.Set.remove o !installed);
write_installed () in
(* Try to recover from errors.
XXX: this is higly experimental. *)
let can_try_to_recover_from_error l =
List.exists (function (n,_) ->
match n with
| To_change(Some _,_)
| To_recompile _ -> true
| _ -> false
) l in
let recover_from_error (n, _) = match n with
| To_change (Some o, _) ->
proceed_to_install t o;
installed := OpamPackage.Set.add o !installed;
write_installed ()
with _ ->
| To_change (None, _) -> ()
| To_recompile nv ->
(* this case is quite tricky. We have to remove all the packages
depending in nv, as they will be broken if nv is uninstalled. *)
let universe = OpamState.universe t Depends in
let depends =
let set = OpamPackage.Set.singleton nv in
(OpamSolver.forward_dependencies ~depopts:true ~installed:true universe set) in
OpamPackage.Set.iter (proceed_to_delete ~rm_build:false t) depends;
installed := OpamPackage.Set.diff !installed depends;
write_installed ();
| To_delete nv -> assert false in
let display_error (n, error) =
let f action nv =
OpamGlobals.error "[ERROR] while %s %s" action (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
match error with
| OpamParallel.Process_error r -> OpamProcess.display_error_message r
| OpamParallel.Internal_error s -> OpamGlobals.error " %s" s in
match n with
| To_change (Some o, nv) ->
if (OpamPackage.version o) (OpamPackage.version nv) < 0 then
f "upgrading to" nv
f "downgrading to" nv
| To_change (None, nv) -> f "installing" nv
| To_recompile nv -> f "recompiling" nv
| To_delete nv -> f "removing" nv in
let string_of_errors errors =
let actions = fst errors in
let packages = (function
| To_change (_,nv)
| To_recompile nv
| To_delete nv -> nv
) actions in
match packages with
| [] -> assert false
| [h] -> OpamPackage.to_string h
| l -> OpamPackage.Set.to_string (OpamPackage.Set.of_list l) in
let cores = OpamFile.Config.cores t.config in
PackageActionGraph.Parallel.parallel_iter cores sol.to_process ~pre ~child ~post;
with PackageActionGraph.Parallel.Errors (errors, remaining) ->
OpamGlobals.msg "\n";
if remaining <> [] then (
"Due to some errors while processing %s, the following actions will NOT be proceeded:"
(string_of_errors errors);
List.iter (fun n -> OpamGlobals.error "%s" (PackageAction.string_of_action n)) remaining;
if can_try_to_recover_from_error errors then (
OpamGlobals.msg "\nRecovering from errors:\n";
List.iter recover_from_error errors;
List.iter display_error errors;
OpamGlobals.exit 2
) else
let new_variables e =
let open OpamMisc in
let e = List.filter (fun (_,s,_) -> s="=") e in
let e = (fun (v,_,_) -> v) e in
OpamMisc.StringSet.of_list e
let variable_warnings = ref false
let print_variable_warnings () =
let variables = ref [] in
if not !variable_warnings then (
let t = OpamState.load_state () in
let warn w =
let is_defined s =
try let _ = OpamMisc.getenv s in true
with Not_found -> false in
if is_defined w then
variables := w :: !variables in
(* 1. Warn about OCAMLFIND variables if it is installed *)
let ocamlfind_vars = [
] in
if OpamPackage.Set.exists (fun nv -> OpamPackage.Name.to_string ( nv) = "ocamlfind") t.installed then
List.iter warn ocamlfind_vars;
(* 2. Warn about variables possibly set by other compilers *)
let new_variables comp =
let comp_f = OpamPath.compiler t.root comp in
let env = OpamFile.Comp.env ( comp_f) in
new_variables env in
let vars = ref OpamMisc.StringSet.empty in
OpamSwitch.Map.iter (fun _ comp ->
vars := OpamMisc.StringSet.union !vars (new_variables comp)
) t.aliases;
vars := OpamMisc.StringSet.diff !vars (new_variables t.compiler);
OpamMisc.StringSet.iter warn !vars;
if !variables <> [] then (
OpamGlobals.msg "The following variables are set in your environment, \
you should better unset it if you want OPAM to work \
List.iter (OpamGlobals.msg " - %s\n") !variables;
if not (OpamState.confirm "Do you want to continue ?") then
OpamGlobals.exit 0;
variable_warnings := true;
let resolve t action request =
OpamSolver.resolve (OpamState.universe t action) request
let resolve_and_apply ?(force=false) t action request =
match resolve t action request with
| Conflicts cs ->
OpamGlobals.msg "No solution has been found:\n%s\n" (cs ());
| Success sol ->
print_variable_warnings ();
apply_solution ~force t sol
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