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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
(** Mangagement of OPAM repositories. *)
open OpamTypes
exception Unknown_backend
include OpamMisc.ABSTRACT with type t = repository
(** Default repository *)
val default: repository
(** Constructor *)
val create: name:string -> kind:string -> address:string -> repository
(** Create a dummy local repository *)
val local_repo: unit -> OpamPath.Repository.r
(** Create a dummy remote repository *)
val remote_repo: dirname -> OpamPath.Repository.r
(** Initialize {i $opam/repo/$repo} *)
val init: repository -> unit
(** Update {i $opam/repo/$repo} *)
val update: repository -> unit
(** Download {i $opam/repo/$repo/archive/$nv.tar.gz} *)
val download: repository -> package -> unit
(** Upload the content of {i $opam/repo/$repo/upload} to the remote
val upload: repository -> unit
(** {2 Repository backends} *)
(** Backend signature *)
module type BACKEND = sig
(** Initialize an OPAM repository in the current directory. The
argument is the remote repository address. *)
val init: address -> unit
(** Update the OPAM repository in the current directory. Return the
list of locally updated files. *)
val update: address -> OpamFilename.Set.t
(** Download a (remote) archive file, stored on the (remote) OPAM
repository, in the current repository. Return the local path to
the downloaded archive.*)
val download_archive: address -> package -> filename download
(** Download a (remote) file and return the local path to the
downloaded file. As the opposite to [download_archive], the
downloaded file needs not to be stored on the remote
repository. If needed, the function can use {i $repo/tmp/$nv/}
to store transient states between downloads. *)
val download_file: package -> filename -> filename download
(** Download a (remote) directory and return the local path to the
downloaded directory. If needed, the function can use {i
$repo/tmp/$nv/} to store transient states between downloads. *)
val download_dir: package -> ?dst:dirname -> dirname -> dirname download
(** Upload the content of the current directory to the directory
given as argument. Return the local paths corresponding to the
uploaded local files. *)
val upload_dir: address:address -> dirname -> OpamFilename.Set.t
(** Register a repository backend *)
val register_backend: kind -> (module BACKEND) -> unit
(** Find a backend *)
val find_backend: kind -> (module BACKEND)
(** Copy the additional package files in the current dir *)
val copy_files: OpamPath.Repository.r -> package -> OpamFilename.Set.t
(** [make_archive repo_kind nv] build ./$nv.tar.gz, assuming the
repository kind is [repo_kind].
By default, the digest that appear in
{i $NAME.$VERSION/url} is not modified,
unless [gener_digest = true] is given. *)
val make_archive: ?gener_digest:bool -> ?local_path:dirname -> package -> unit
(** Get the list of packages *)
val packages: OpamPath.Repository.r -> package_set
(** Get the list of compilers *)
val compilers: OpamPath.Repository.r -> compiler_set
(** Get the available versions for a given compiler *)
val versions: OpamPath.Repository.r -> name -> version_set
(** Get the external files associated to a package *)
val files: OpamPath.Repository.r -> package -> filename_set
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