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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
open OpamTypes
open OpamMisc.OP
open OpamFilename.OP
let log fmt = OpamGlobals.log "REPOSITORY" fmt
let compare r1 r2 =
match compare r2.repo_priority r1.repo_priority with
| 0 -> compare r2.repo_name r1.repo_name
| x -> x
let to_string r =
Printf.sprintf "%s(%d %s %s)"
(OpamRepositoryName.to_string r.repo_name)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string r.repo_address)
let default = {
repo_name = OpamRepositoryName.default;
repo_kind = OpamGlobals.default_repository_kind;
repo_address = OpamFilename.raw_dir OpamGlobals.default_repository_address;
repo_priority = 0;
let repository_address address =
if Sys.file_exists address
then OpamFilename.Dir.of_string address
else OpamFilename.raw_dir address
let with_kind r repo_kind = { r with repo_kind }
module O = struct
type tmp = repository
type t = tmp
let compare = compare
let to_string = to_string
module Set = OpamMisc.Set.Make(O)
module Map = OpamMisc.Map.Make(O)
module type BACKEND = sig
val init: address:dirname -> unit
val update: address:dirname -> OpamFilename.Set.t
val download_archive: address:dirname -> package -> filename download
val download_file: package -> filename -> filename download
val download_dir: package -> ?dst:dirname -> dirname -> dirname download
val upload_dir: address:dirname -> dirname -> OpamFilename.Set.t
exception Unknown_backend
let backends = Hashtbl.create 8
let find_backend r =
Hashtbl.find backends r.repo_kind
with Not_found -> raise Unknown_backend
let find_backend_by_kind k =
Hashtbl.find backends k
with Not_found -> raise Unknown_backend
let register_backend name backend =
Hashtbl.replace backends name backend
let local_repo () =
OpamPath.Repository.raw (OpamFilename.cwd ())
let remote_repo remote_address =
OpamPath.Repository.raw remote_address
let repo r =
OpamPath.Repository.create (OpamPath.default ()) r.repo_name
(* initialize the current directory *)
let init r =
log "init %s" (to_string r);
let module B = (val find_backend r: BACKEND) in
let open OpamPath.Repository in
let repo = repo r in
OpamFilename.mkdir (root repo);
OpamFile.Repo_config.write (config repo) r;
OpamFilename.mkdir (packages_dir repo);
OpamFilename.mkdir (archives_dir repo);
OpamFilename.mkdir (compilers_dir repo);
OpamFilename.mkdir (upload_dir repo);
OpamFilename.in_dir (root repo) (fun () -> B.init r.repo_address)
let nv_set_of_files files =
(OpamFilename.Set.elements files))
let read_tmp dir =
let files = if OpamFilename.exists_dir dir then
OpamFilename.Set.of_list (OpamFilename.list_files dir)
OpamFilename.Set.empty in
OpamPackage.Set.of_list (OpamMisc.filter_map OpamPackage.of_filename (OpamFilename.Set.elements files))
(* upload the content of ./upload to the given OPAM repository *)
let upload r =
log "upload %s" (to_string r);
let repo = repo r in
let local_dir = OpamPath.Repository.root repo in
let upload_dir = OpamPath.Repository.upload_dir repo in
let address = r.repo_address in
let module B = (val find_backend r: BACKEND) in
let files = OpamFilename.in_dir local_dir (fun () -> B.upload_dir ~address upload_dir) in
let packages = nv_set_of_files files in
OpamGlobals.msg "The following packages have been uploaded:\n";
OpamPackage.Set.iter (fun nv ->
OpamGlobals.msg " - %s\n" (OpamPackage.to_string nv)
) packages
(* Download file f in the current directory *)
let map fn = function
| Result x -> Result (fn x)
| Up_to_date x -> Up_to_date (fn x)
| Not_available -> Not_available
let download_file ~gener_digest k nv f c =
log "download_file %s %s %s" k (OpamPackage.to_string nv) (OpamFilename.to_string f);
let module B = (val find_backend_by_kind k: BACKEND) in
let check file = match c with
| None -> true
| Some c -> OpamFilename.digest file = c in
let rename file =
if not gener_digest && !OpamGlobals.verify_checksums && not (check file) then
OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Wrong checksum for %s (waiting for %s, got %s)"
(OpamFilename.to_string file)
(match c with Some c -> c | None -> "<none>")
(OpamFilename.digest file);
if k = "curl" && not (OpamSystem.is_tar_archive (OpamFilename.to_string f)) then
let new_file = OpamFilename.raw_file (OpamFilename.to_string file ^ ".tar.gz") in
OpamFilename.move file new_file;
file in
map rename (B.download_file nv f)
(* Download directory d in the current directory *)
let download_dir k nv ?dst d =
log "download_dir %s %s %s" k (OpamPackage.to_string nv) (OpamFilename.Dir.to_string d);
let module B = (val find_backend_by_kind k: BACKEND) in
B.download_dir nv ?dst d
(* Download either a file or a directory in the current directory *)
let download_one ?(gener_digest = false) k nv url checksum =
let f x = F x in
let d x = D x in
if k = "curl" || OpamSystem.is_tar_archive url then
map f (download_file ~gener_digest k nv (OpamFilename.raw_file url) checksum)
map d (download_dir k nv (OpamFilename.raw_dir url))
(* Infer the url kind: when the url is a local directory, use the
rsync backend, otherwise use the curl one. This function is only
used when the user hasn't specified a repository kind. *)
let kind_of_url url =
if Sys.file_exists url then
let download_archive r nv =
let module B = (val find_backend r: BACKEND) in
B.download_archive r.repo_address nv
(* Copy the file in local_repo in current dir *)
let copy_files local_repo nv =
let local_dir = OpamFilename.cwd () in
(* Eventually add the <package>/files/* to the extracted dir *)
log "Adding the files to the archive";
let files = OpamFilename.list_files (OpamPath.Repository.files local_repo nv) in
if files <> [] then (
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir local_dir) then
OpamFilename.mkdir local_dir;
List.iter (fun f ->
let dst = local_dir // OpamFilename.Base.to_string (OpamFilename.basename f) in
if OpamFilename.exists dst then
"Skipping %s as it already exists in %s"
(OpamFilename.to_string f)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string local_dir)
else (
OpamGlobals.msg "Copying %s\n" (OpamFilename.Base.to_string (OpamFilename.basename f));
OpamFilename.copy_in f local_dir
) files;
OpamFilename.Set.of_list files
let make_archive ?(gener_digest=false) ?local_path nv =
(* download the archive upstream if the upstream address is
specified *)
let local_repo = local_repo () in
let local_dir = OpamPath.Repository.root local_repo in
let url_f = OpamPath.Repository.url local_repo nv in
let download_dir = OpamPath.Repository.tmp_dir local_repo nv in
OpamFilename.mkdir download_dir;
OpamFilename.with_tmp_dir (fun extract_root ->
let extract_dir = extract_root / OpamPackage.to_string nv in
if local_path = None && OpamFilename.exists url_f then (
let url_file = url_f in
let checksum = OpamFile.URL.checksum url_file in
let kind = match OpamFile.URL.kind url_file with
| None -> kind_of_url (OpamFile.URL.url url_file)
| Some k -> k in
let url = OpamFile.URL.url url_file in
log "downloading %s:%s" url kind;
match OpamFilename.in_dir local_dir (fun () -> download_one ~gener_digest kind nv url checksum) with
| Not_available -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Cannot get %s" url
| Up_to_date (F local_archive)
| Result (F local_archive) ->
if gener_digest then (
let digest = OpamFilename.digest local_archive in
begin match checksum with
| Some c when c <> digest ->
"Wrong checksum for %s (waiting: %s, got: %s)\nFixing %s ...\n"
(OpamFilename.to_string local_archive) c digest (OpamFilename.to_string url_f);
| _ -> ();
OpamFile.URL.write url_f (OpamFile.URL.with_checksum url_file digest);
log "extracting %s to %s"
(OpamFilename.to_string local_archive)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string extract_dir);
OpamFilename.extract local_archive extract_dir
| Up_to_date (D dir)
| Result (D dir) ->
log "copying %s to %s"
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string dir)
(OpamFilename.Dir.to_string extract_dir);
if dir <> extract_dir then
OpamFilename.copy_dir download_dir extract_dir
let extract_dir = match local_path with
| None -> extract_dir
| Some p -> p in
(* Eventually add the <package>/files/* to the extracted dir *)
let files =
if not (OpamFilename.exists_dir extract_dir) then
OpamFilename.mkdir extract_dir;
OpamFilename.in_dir extract_dir (fun () -> copy_files local_repo nv) in
(* And finally create the final archive *)
if local_path <> None || not (OpamFilename.Set.is_empty files) || OpamFilename.exists url_f then (
OpamFilename.mkdir (OpamPath.Repository.archives_dir local_repo);
let local_archive = OpamPath.Repository.archive local_repo nv in
OpamGlobals.msg "Creating the archive file in %s\n" (OpamFilename.to_string local_archive);
OpamFilename.exec extract_root [
[ "tar" ; "czf" ; OpamFilename.to_string local_archive ; OpamPackage.to_string nv ]
(* Download the archive on the OPAM server.
If it is not there, then:
* download the original archive upstream
* add eventual patches
* create a new tarball *)
let download r nv =
log "download %s %s" (to_string r) (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
let repo = repo r in
let dir = OpamPath.Repository.root repo in
(* If the archive is on the server, download it directly *)
match OpamFilename.in_dir dir (fun () -> download_archive r nv) with
| Up_to_date local_file ->
OpamGlobals.msg "The archive for %s is in the local cache.\n" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
log "The archive for %s is already downloaded and up-to-date"
(OpamPackage.to_string nv)
| Result local_file ->
log "Downloaded %s successfully" (OpamFilename.to_string local_file)
| Not_available ->
log "The archive for %s is not available, need to build it"
(OpamPackage.to_string nv);
OpamFilename.in_dir dir (fun () -> make_archive nv)
let check_version repo =
let repo_version =
(OpamPath.Repository.version |> |>
OpamMisc.strip |>
) repo
with e ->
OpamVersion.of_string "0.7.5" in
if repo_version OpamVersion.current >= 0 then
"\nThe current version of OPAM cannot read the repository. \
You should upgrade to at least the version %s.\n" (OpamVersion.to_string repo_version)
let update r =
log "update %s" (to_string r);
let repo = repo r in
let dir = OpamPath.Repository.root repo in
let module B = (val find_backend r: BACKEND) in
let updated_files = OpamFilename.in_dir dir (fun () -> B.update r.repo_address) in
check_version repo;
let updated_packages = nv_set_of_files updated_files in
(* Clean-up archives and tmp files on URL changes *)
OpamPackage.Set.iter (fun nv ->
let url_f = OpamPath.Repository.url repo nv in
if OpamFilename.Set.mem url_f updated_files then begin
let tmp_dir = OpamPath.Repository.tmp_dir repo nv in
OpamFilename.rmdir tmp_dir;
OpamFilename.remove (OpamPath.Repository.archive repo nv);
) updated_packages;
(* For each package in the cache, look at what changed upstream *)
let cached_packages = read_tmp (OpamPath.Repository.tmp repo) in
let updated_cached_packages = OpamPackage.Set.filter (fun nv ->
let url_f = OpamPath.Repository.url repo nv in
let url = url_f in
let kind = match OpamFile.URL.kind url with
| None -> kind_of_url (OpamFile.URL.url url)
| Some k -> k in
let checksum = OpamFile.URL.checksum url in
let url = OpamFile.URL.url url in
log "updating %s:%s" url kind;
match OpamFilename.in_dir dir (fun () -> download_one kind nv url checksum) with
| Not_available -> OpamGlobals.error_and_exit "Cannot get %s" url
| Up_to_date _ -> false
| Result _ -> true
) cached_packages in
let updated = OpamPackage.Set.union updated_packages updated_cached_packages in
OpamFile.Updated.write (OpamPath.Repository.updated repo) updated
let find_backend = find_backend_by_kind
let packages r =
let dir = OpamPath.Repository.packages_dir r in
if OpamFilename.exists_dir dir then (
let all = OpamFilename.list_dirs dir in
let basenames = OpamFilename.basename_dir all in
(OpamFilename.Base.to_string |> OpamPackage.of_string_opt)
) else
let versions r n =
(fun nv -> nv = n)
(packages r))
let archives r =
let d = OpamPath.Repository.archives_dir r in
if OpamFilename.exists_dir d then
OpamFilename.Set.of_list (OpamFilename.list_files d)
let compilers r =
OpamCompiler.list (OpamPath.Repository.compilers_dir r)
let files r nv =
let l =
if OpamFilename.exists_dir (OpamPath.Repository.files r nv) then
OpamFilename.list_files (OpamPath.Repository.files r nv)
[] in
OpamFilename.Set.of_list l
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