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(* *)
(* Copyright 2012 OCamlPro *)
(* Copyright 2012 INRIA *)
(* *)
(* All rights reserved. This file is distributed under the terms of *)
(* the GNU Public License version 3.0. *)
(* *)
(* OPAM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, *)
(* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of *)
(* GNU General Public License for more details. *)
(* *)
open OpamTypes
open OpamFilename.OP
let () =
OpamCurl.register ();
OpamGit.register ();
OpamRsync.register ()
let log fmt = OpamGlobals.log "OPAM-MK-REPO" fmt
let all, index, packages, gener_digest, dryrun, recurse =
let usage = Printf.sprintf "%s [-all] [<package>]*" (Filename.basename Sys.argv.(0)) in
let all = ref true in
let index = ref false in
let packages = ref [] in
let gener_digest = ref false in
let dryrun = ref false in
let recurse = ref false in
let specs = Arg.align [
("-v" , Arg.Unit OpamGlobals.version_msg, " Display version information");
("--version", Arg.Unit OpamGlobals.version_msg, " Display version information");
("-a" , Arg.Set all, "");
("--all", Arg.Set all , Printf.sprintf " Build all package archives (default is %b)" !all);
("-i" , Arg.Set index, "");
("--index", Arg.Set index, Printf.sprintf " Build indexes only (default is %b)" !index);
("-g" , Arg.Set gener_digest, "");
("--generate-checksums", Arg.Set gener_digest,
Printf.sprintf " Automatically correct the wrong archive checksums (default is %b)" !gener_digest);
("-d" , Arg.Set dryrun, "");
("--dryrun", Arg.Set dryrun, " Simply display the possible actions instead of executing them");
("-r", Arg.Set recurse, " Recurse among the transitive dependencies");
] in
let ano p = packages := p :: !packages in
Arg.parse specs ano usage;
!all, !index, OpamPackage.Name.Set.of_list ( OpamPackage.Name.of_string !packages), !gener_digest, !dryrun, !recurse
let () =
let local_path = OpamFilename.cwd () in
log "local_path=%s" (OpamFilename.Dir.to_string local_path);
OpamGlobals.root_dir := OpamFilename.Dir.to_string local_path;
let local_repo = OpamPath.Repository.raw local_path in
(* Read urls.txt *)
log "Reading urls.txt";
let local_index_file = OpamFilename.of_string "urls.txt" in
let old_index = OpamFile.Urls_txt.safe_read local_index_file in
let new_index = OpamCurl.make_urls_txt local_repo in
let to_remove = OpamFilename.Attribute.Set.diff old_index new_index in
let to_add = OpamFilename.Attribute.Set.diff new_index old_index in
(* Compute the transitive closure of packages *)
let get_dependencies n =
let versions = OpamRepository.versions local_repo n in
let depends v =
let nv = OpamPackage.create n v in
let opam_f = OpamPath.Repository.opam local_repo nv in
if OpamFilename.exists opam_f then (
let opam = opam_f in
let deps = OpamFile.OPAM.depends opam in
let depopts = OpamFile.OPAM.depopts opam in
OpamFormula.fold_left (fun accu (n,_) ->
OpamPackage.Name.Set.add n accu
) OpamPackage.Name.Set.empty (OpamFormula.And (deps, depopts))
) else
OpamPackage.Name.Set.empty in
OpamPackage.Version.Set.fold (fun v set ->
OpamPackage.Name.Set.union (depends v) set
) versions (OpamPackage.Name.Set.singleton n) in
let rec get_transitive_dependencies names =
let new_names =
OpamPackage.Name.Set.fold (fun n set -> OpamPackage.Name.Set.union (get_dependencies n) set) names OpamPackage.Name.Set.empty in
if OpamPackage.Name.Set.cardinal names = OpamPackage.Name.Set.cardinal new_names then
get_transitive_dependencies new_names in
let packages =
if recurse then
get_transitive_dependencies packages
packages in
let packages =
OpamPackage.Name.Set.fold (fun n set ->
let versions = OpamRepository.versions local_repo n in
OpamPackage.Version.Set.fold (fun v set -> OpamPackage.Set.add (OpamPackage.create n v) set) versions set
) packages OpamPackage.Set.empty in
let nv_set_of_remotes remotes =
let aux r = OpamFilename.create (OpamFilename.cwd ()) (OpamFilename.Attribute.base r) in
let list = aux (OpamFilename.Attribute.Set.elements remotes) in
OpamPackage.Set.of_list (OpamMisc.filter_map OpamPackage.of_filename list) in
let new_index = nv_set_of_remotes new_index in
let missing_archive =
OpamPackage.Set.filter (fun nv ->
let archive = OpamPath.Repository.archive local_repo nv in
not (OpamFilename.exists archive)
) new_index in
let to_remove = nv_set_of_remotes to_remove in
let to_add = OpamPackage.Set.union (nv_set_of_remotes to_add) missing_archive in
let to_add =
if OpamPackage.Set.is_empty packages then
OpamPackage.Set.inter packages to_add in
let errors = ref [] in
if not index then (
(* Remove the old archive files *)
if not (OpamPackage.Set.is_empty to_remove) then
OpamGlobals.msg "Packages to remove: %s\n" (OpamPackage.Set.to_string to_remove);
OpamPackage.Set.iter (fun nv ->
let archive = OpamPath.Repository.archive local_repo nv in
OpamGlobals.msg "Removing %s ...\n" (OpamFilename.to_string archive);
if not dryrun then
OpamFilename.remove archive
) to_remove;
(* build the new archives *)
if not (OpamPackage.Set.is_empty to_add) then
OpamGlobals.msg "Packages to build: %s\n" (OpamPackage.Set.to_string to_add);
OpamPackage.Set.iter (fun nv ->
let archive = OpamPath.Repository.archive local_repo nv in
if not dryrun then (
OpamFilename.remove archive;
OpamRepository.make_archive ~gener_digest nv
) else
OpamGlobals.msg "Building %s\n" (OpamFilename.to_string archive)
with e ->
OpamFilename.remove archive;
errors := (nv, e) :: !errors;
) to_add;
(* Create index.tar.gz *)
if not (OpamFilename.exists (local_path // "index.tar.gz"))
|| not (OpamPackage.Set.is_empty to_add)
|| not (OpamPackage.Set.is_empty to_remove) then (
OpamGlobals.msg "Rebuilding index.tar.gz ...\n";
if not dryrun then
OpamCurl.make_index_tar_gz local_repo;
) else
OpamGlobals.msg "OPAM Repository already up-to-date.\n";
OpamSystem.remove "log";
OpamSystem.remove "tmp";
(* Rebuild urls.txt now the archives have been updated *)
if dryrun then
OpamGlobals.msg "Rebuilding urls.txt\n"
let _index = OpamCurl.make_urls_txt local_repo in
if !errors <> [] then
let display_error (nv, error) =
OpamGlobals.error "[ERROR] Error while processing %s" (OpamPackage.to_string nv);
match error with
| OpamSystem.Process_error r -> OpamProcess.display_error_message r
| OpamSystem.Internal_error s -> OpamGlobals.error " %s" s
| _ -> OpamGlobals.error "%s" (Printexc.to_string error) in
let all_errors = fst !errors in
OpamGlobals.error "Got some errors while processing: %s"
(String.concat ", " ( OpamPackage.to_string all_errors));
List.iter display_error !errors
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