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Fix library installation.

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1 parent 6e86353 commit 0ffbaba87eb3f0a1edeee7c589ea1a0e572a356a @samoht samoht committed
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6 Makefile
@@ -77,12 +77,12 @@ uninstall:
rm -f $(prefix)/bin/opam*
rm -f $(mandir)/man1/opam*
-LIB = opam-lib
+LIB = opam-core
-MLI = $(foreach i, $(shell find src/ -name "*.mli"), $(notdir $i))
+MLI = $(foreach i, $(shell find src/core -name "*.mli"), $(notdir $i))
_FILES= $(LIB:%=%.a) $(LIB:%=%.cma) $(LIB:%=%.cmxa)\
-FILES = $(_FILES:%=_obuild/opam-lib/%) $(
+FILES = $(_FILES:%=_obuild/opam-core/%) $(
.PHONY: libuninstall libinstall
libinstall: META

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