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-# ocp-get - A package manager for OCaml
+# OPAM - A package manager for OCaml
*Warning* do not use this software in production, it is not yet stable
@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ This command will download and extract the following archives:
-## Building ocp-get
+## Building OPAM
-To compile `ocp-get`, simply run:
+To compile `opam`, simply run:
@@ -30,28 +30,5 @@ To compile `ocp-get`, simply run:
In order to run the test you should run:
-make tests-runserver
-This will run the server in debug mode. It will show the IP address it
-is listening to. If this address is different of `` you
-should set the environment variable `LOCALHOST` accordingly.
-You can then open a new terminal window and run:
make tests
-## Bootstrapping
-`ocp-get` is able to bootstrap itself, using an external index repository.
-You can test the bootrap process by:
-* compiling `ocp-get` following the steps described previously
-* run `./ocp-get init` at the root path
- of your cloned repository
-* run `./ocp-get install ocp-get`: this will download, compile and install all the
- needed dependencies. The new binary will be in `~/.opam/<ocaml-version/bin/ocp-get`.
- If you want to use, you may want to use update your `$PATH` variable.

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