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1 parent b89a9ea commit 5c162f01f7e80dc43975a44b646c86f94bf88eb8 @tuong tuong committed Sep 12, 2012
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@@ -31,15 +31,13 @@ clone:
rm -rf _obuild
- rm -rf src/*.annot bat/*.annot
- rm -f opam
+ rm -f *.annot src/*.annot
rm -f ocp-build.*
$(MAKE) -C $(SRC_EXT) clean
$(MAKE) -C ocp-build clean
distclean: clean
- rm -f *.tar.gz *.tar.bz2
- rm -rf _obuild _build
+ rm -f META Makefile.config src/ config.log config.status
$(MAKE) -C $(SRC_EXT) distclean
.PHONY: tests

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