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[run/command] some functions continue normally after [run_process] an…

…d treat the result as a warning
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1 parent a1ec26f commit b98225667d08ff79da0121fd97a39e111a201707 @tuong tuong committed Jul 23, 2012
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@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ let run_process ?(add_to_env=[]) ?(add_to_path=[]) = function
log "cwd=%s path=%s name=%s %s" (Unix.getcwd ()) path name str;
let r = ~env ~name cmd args in
if Process.is_failure r then (
- Globals.error "Command %S failed (see %s.{info,err,out})" str name;
+ Globals.warning "Command %S failed (see %s.{info,err,out})" str name;
List.iter (Globals.msg "%s\n") r.Process.r_stdout;
List.iter (Globals.msg "%s\n") r.Process.r_stderr;
) else if not !Globals.debug then

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