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# OPAM - A package manager for OCaml
-*Warning* do not use this software in production, it is not yet stable
-## Prerequisites:
+OPAM is a package manager for OCaml, based on the
+[CUDF]( library developped by the
+[Mancoosi]( project, which are, among other
+things, used by the Debian to manage their packages.
+### Prerequisites:
* ocaml
-## (optional) Preparing the build
- make clone
-This command will download and extract the following archives:
+### Compiling OPAM
-## Building OPAM
-To compile `opam`, simply run:
+* To compile `opam`, simply run:
This will download the necessary archives if they are not already
-downloaded and then build OPAM.
+downloaded and then build OPAM. If you just want to download the
+necessary dependencies without compiling the project, run `make
-## Tests
+### Using opam
-In order to run the test you should run:
+All of the OPAM state is held in the `~\.opam` directory in your home
+directory, including compiler installations. You should never need to
+switch to a root user to install packages. Package listings are
+obtained through remote sources, the default one being
-make tests-rsync
-make tests-git
-make tests-server
+opam init
+eval `opam config -env`
-Or alternatively:
+The first command creates `~\.opam` and set-up `` as
+default repository. The second command update your local environment
+to use the packages installed by OPAM. For convenience, you can add
+this line in your `~/.profile`.
-make tests
+opam list
-## Scripts
-Some helper scripts are located in `src/scrips`:
+As expected, this command lists all the available packages. We can now
+install some packages (for instance `lwt`):
-* `opam-mk-install` helps to create `.install` files
-* `opam-mk-config` helps to create `` files
-* `opam-mk-repo` helps to create OPAM repositories
+opam install lwt
## Documentation
-* the API is available in `html/`
-* The design documents are available in `specs/`
+Some technical documentations are availables in `doc`:
+* the API is available in `doc/html/`
+* The design documents are available in `doc/specs/`

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