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Fix tests

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1 parent 37da960 commit d7545679ab197ab0fd11bdd809b7c41677850bbc @samoht samoht committed Oct 2, 2012
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3 tests/Makefile
@@ -197,8 +197,9 @@ downgrade:
$(OPAM) remove P3.1~weird-version.test P4.2
$(CHECK) -l switch-alias P1.1 P2.1
+ $(OPAM) switch -export $(OPAM_ROOT)/export
$(OPAM) switch -install test -alias-of system -no-base-packages
- $(OPAM) switch -clone system
+ $(OPAM) switch -import $(OPAM_ROOT)/export
$(CHECK) -l switch-alias-clone P1.1 P2.1
$(OPAM) switch -install test2 -alias-of 20
$(OPAM) install P1

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