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tag: 0.9.0
Commits on Jan 12, 2013
  1. @samoht
  2. @samoht
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. @samoht

    Fix 'opam pin --force'

    samoht authored
  2. @samoht
  3. @samoht

    Better message when the version of OPAM is not up-to-date.

    samoht authored
    It's maybe a bit harsh to beg the user to upgrade on every opam invocation, but I guess we could improve that with 1.0.0.
    This should fix #382
  4. @samoht
  5. @samoht

    Improve the pin consistency checks, and consider that the pinned pack…

    samoht authored
    …age is the one with max-version. I guess it would be better to give the option to the user to choose which is the corresponding version but no hurry.
  6. @samoht
  7. @samoht
  8. @samoht

    On startup check that repository state are consistent and try to fix …

    samoht authored
    …eventual issues.
    This could be extended later by adding more consistency checks.
  9. @samoht

    Add consistency checks when using 'opam pin'.

    samoht authored
    This will make the semantics easier to understand (but one could still use --force to bypass the checks).
    This should fix #384
  10. @samoht

    Always create a new archive from 'git -tar' when using dev packages, …

    samoht authored
    …this is much more robust (and it not much slower anyway).
  11. @samoht

    On upgrade, if we recompile packages because of upstream changes (whi…

    samoht authored
    …ch is typically the case when we use dev packages), remember which packages successfuly build and install to not have to handle them again on the next upgdrade.
    This was working well when we were upgrading because of new packages, so now the behavior is much more consistent.
  12. @samoht
  13. @samoht

    Clean up log files when the command is a success, and do not polute t…

    samoht authored
    …he root of OPAM (ie. everything goes into ~/.opam/log or ~/.opam/<switch>/build/<package>/)
  14. @samoht
  15. @samoht
  16. @samoht

    By default, use the 'paranoid' strategy when an external solver is av…

    samoht authored
    If you want to tweak the stategy used, change OPAMCRITERIA (for instance OPAMCRITERIA=-new,-remove), see /usr/bin/aspcud for available options (the package is available under debian in apt-cudf.
  17. @samoht
  18. @samoht
  19. @samoht

    When using the external solver, also display the command used to call…

    samoht authored
    … the solver at the first line of the generated CUDF file (if using --cudf option)
  20. @samoht
  21. @samoht

    Fix 'opam remove' solver request.

    samoht authored
    * Manually the packages depending on the ones we want to remove
    * keep the same version for the transitve closure of soft-dependencies of installed roots
    * and call the solver which will delete all the remaining non-root packages
  22. @samoht
  23. @samoht

    Installed packages are always available.

    samoht authored
    This means that you can remove a repository and continue to use the packages normally as long as they are installed. Once uninstalled (because of upgrade/remove), then they will disapear.
    This should fix #309
  24. @samoht
  25. @samoht
  26. @samoht
  27. @samoht

    Improvements to opam-mk-repo.

    samoht authored
    * Warn when skipping non-existant packages.
    * Do nothing if the user has provided no valid packages.
    * Be more robust when trying to create index.tar.gz or urls.txt in empty repositories (ie. do nothing in this case).
  28. @samoht
  29. @samoht
  30. @samoht

    Do not use spawn a shell to do redirect when creating index.tar.gz. A…

    samoht authored
    …pparently it can fail on some system and tar simply accepts an output file as argument.
    This should fix #378
  31. @samoht

    Improve the output of opam-mk-error on error.

    samoht authored
    This should help debugging #378
  32. @samoht
  33. @samoht

    Merge pull request #379 from cago/master

    samoht authored
    Update completion script for zsh
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