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Commits on Dec 18, 2012
@samoht samoht Fix #335
--yes was not working with the new command-line interface
Commits on Dec 19, 2012
@avsm avsm `opam config -list-vars` is now `opam config list` it appears 9c7cf9d
@samoht samoht Fix typo in '--verbose' documentation ca3f097
@samoht samoht desambiguate -r: -r=--root and -R=--rec 57b653c
@avsm avsm Fix typo for OPAMVERBOSE 577796c
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #338 from avsm/patch-4
Fix typo for OPAMVERBOSE
@avsm avsm more fixes to cmdliner jenkins 0f85da6
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #339 from avsm/master
jenkins update
@avsm avsm one more fix to jenkins for mirage 8521a7b
@samoht samoht Update the tutorials PDF 4e36b2a
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 3669605
@avsm avsm Merge branch 'master' of git:// 160e8d4
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #340 from avsm/master
more jenkins
@samoht samoht Improvements to 'opam pin' to not build and sync in the same folder 657e7fb
@samoht samoht WIP the usual pinning codepath is now much cleaner, and the checkout …
…of specific commits is broken
@samoht samoht Pinning to a specific git commit seems to work fine!
This would help fixing #267 (but not completely yet)
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 8e9d46c
@samoht samoht [remove] if the remove command only use 'ocamlfind', then it is not n…
…ecessary to extract the archive again.
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES e99b7c3
@samoht samoht Add some documentation about git pinning to a given commit/tag/branch. c10af2d
Commits on Dec 20, 2012
@samoht samoht Update AUTHORS list 3d33157
@samoht samoht Fix tests e40c5b0
@samoht samoht OS filter are now valid formulas e7106b9
@samoht samoht Fix distclean target f601924
@samoht samoht Fix typos. 8e778e5
@samoht samoht Update API docs d7cc8a9
@samoht samoht Update man pages 4e91d69
@samoht samoht Rename roadmap -> spec 26e6b59
@samoht samoht Update CUDF adress c8e8e58
@samoht samoht The roadmap now almost look similar to a dev manual. It's not totally…
… polished yet, but I guess it's ok for now on.
@samoht samoht Update 0a4a546
@samoht samoht Update README ac523f2
@samoht samoht Fix typo in README fa47fcd
Commits on Dec 21, 2012
@tuong tuong update the mail to a working one before 2013 89d81e9
@tuong tuong update the mail to a working one after 2013 eef3150
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #345 from tuong/master
update the mail to a working one after 2013
@samoht samoht Fix src_ext Makefile c76d28d
@samoht samoht Create log files in ~/.opam/log when doing `which <cmd>` to check if …
…<cmd> exists.

This should fix #342
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 961bbeb
@samoht samoht Allow to add homepage, doc (page), authors list, and license metadata…
… in OPAM files.

'opam info <package>' will display them.

Also: 'opam info <package> -f doc' will display the documentation page, so it's possible to do: firefox `opam info xmlxm -f doc` if needed (and users can create an opam-doc alias if they want).

This will help fixing #249. One thing is still missing, the build-doc field which will come in a later patch.
@samoht samoht Add a way to execute tests and build documentation.
* OPAMBUILDTEST=1 or --build-test
* OPAMBUILDOC=1 or --build-doc

OPAM will run:
1/ the commands in build
2/ the commands in test (if the right flag is enabled)
3/ the commands in doc (if the right flag is enabled)
4/ will copy the files specified in <package>.install in the right place

So this means that the doc command need to either install the pages itself, or the .install file should be correct.

This should fix #249
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 72e2d9d
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
@avsm avsm fix typo in locking error 62cc33b
@avsm avsm add fuse-dev for jenkins 27b1ff2
Commits on Jan 01, 2013
@avsm avsm jenkins: add some pkg dependencies 5099b72
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #355 from avsm/master
jenkins and minor typo fix
Commits on Jan 03, 2013
@samoht samoht Update README
This should fix #352
@samoht samoht Fix typo e465a0b
@samoht samoht Fix #350
Need to call real-path in case the repository address is local.
@samoht samoht Fix the creation of a big archive
This should help fixing #347
@samoht samoht Fix previous commit (this should help fixing #347) 6d62355
@samoht samoht Improve opam-mk-repo:
opam-mk-repo package.version now works
@samoht samoht Do not install the library files by default. bfcf58b
@samoht samoht Improve uninstall messages.
This should help fixing #348
@samoht samoht Load the right environment variables when uninstalling.
This hopefully should fix #348
@samoht samoht Fix generation of opam.1 fd8a2f7
@samoht samoht Update man pages 3ead08a
@samoht samoht Update to the dev manual about .install 99da714
@samoht samoht Fix duplicate entries in `opam config list`
This should fix #359
Commits on Jan 04, 2013
@samoht samoht Generate and upload a full archive for a given version.
This will help fixing #347 breakage in the future and it will also please BSD packagers which don't want a package to get network access while building a package.
@tuong tuong [tests] provide more checking ae17b34
@samoht samoht Refactor src_ext Makefile to ease dependency updates 39fc962
@samoht samoht Use cmdliner 0.9.3 ff1c080
Commits on Jan 06, 2013
@samoht samoht Really fix the weird uninstall problem
I've finally nailed down issue #348 (and #362). The issue was indeed caused by da0d7de:
* This commit is implementing an useful optimization: in case the remove command is 'ocamlfind remove XXX' only, then OPAM don't create ~/.opam/<switch>/build/<pkg> anymore. Which means increased uninstall time.
* However, the uninstall command was still run in ~/.opam/<switch>/build/<pkg>. If that directory does not exists, the command was just dropped silently.
* OPAM automatically removes ~/.opam/<switch>/lib/<pkg>, so when the package was not using C bindings (with stub files in ~/.opam/<switch>/lib/stublibs) the bug was hidden
* Using OPAM with OPAMKEEPBUILDIR=1 (which means that the build dir wasn't removed during upgrades) hides the bug

So now I've fixed the bug:
* when we do an exec in a given dir, OPAM fails if the dir doesn't exist
* on uninstall, if the build dir is not there run the uninstall command at the OPAM root

This should fix #362
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #361 from tuong/master
[tests] provide more checking
@samoht samoht Fix #361
%{package.section:variable}% is confusing but '.' is the only non-ambiguous package name separator in OPAM currently. So instead, warm the user when he tries to use that syntax incorrectly.
@samoht samoht Revert "[tests] provide more checking"
This reverts commit ae17b34 because 01754cf correctly warms the user about his mistakes now.
@samoht samoht Change --cores to --jobs to be more consistent 078f652
@samoht samoht Change cores to jobs in the code as well 9271600
@samoht samoht Do not display "ocamlc: command not found" when initializing OPAM whe…
…n no compiler is available
@samoht samoht Remove the "-c" short-cut to "--comp" because "-comp" is then underst…
…ood to "-c omp" which is quite ambiguous
@samoht samoht Improve error reporting on 'opam init'.
* better error message in case the repository address is invalid
* better error message in case the compiler name is invalide

This should improve #357
@samoht samoht Clean-up some tests, add an option to be a bit less verbose a6d6d28
@samoht samoht Raise internal_error in this means the error will be r…
…eported nicely by OPAM when the error happens in a child process (ie. while building)
@samoht samoht Use a pipe instead of a temp file to marshall back errors from child …
…processes to parent.

This should fix #349
@tuong tuong [opam-repo-check] add an option to normalize the files (read only by …
@tuong tuong [opam-repo-check] we continue 5a1b838 6f6e0a5
@samoht samoht Improve the message displayed to the user when we reinstall packages.
Now OPAM display either:
* the root causes of the reinstall (ie. the package which caused the reinstallation)
* or the fact that the package has been modified upstream
@samoht samoht Fix a bad bug with wrong environment setting.
Sometime, it 'opam config env' hadn't been called in the current shell, some package build was failing miserably. This commit clean-up a lot of small things in the management of environements, so now 'opam install XXX' should always work even if the user has a wrong environment set-upt.
@tuong tuong [opam-repo-check] add an option to repair most of warnings found when…
… analyzing files
@samoht samoht Fix Makefile oldity 0e2c647
@samoht samoht 'opam export' and 'opam import' now takes -f to specify the filename.…
… In case no filename is given, import reads stdin and export uses stdout.
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES ae636d1
Commits on Jan 08, 2013
@tuong tuong Merge branch 'master' of f1df108
@tuong tuong Fix the number of jobs by default, see 419f416 . 45a3533
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #363 from tuong/master
Fix the number of jobs by default, see 419f416 .
@samoht samoht Improve debugging of solver inputs.
Now, we can use --dry-run to not install anything (ie. we just ask the solver) and --cudf=foo to generate foo-<n>.cudf containing the request for the n-th call to the (internal or external) solver.

This should fix #364
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 8b6f549
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam config env'
This is a regression introduced in e65ff1b which causes to display the full environment when doing 'opam config env' instead of just the bits modified by OPAM.

This should fix #365
@samoht samoht Fix CUDF preamble
This should fix #366
@samoht samoht Continue 7534903 (issue #365).
The unit-tests are passing again.
@samoht samoht Continue 396f0b5
Now we display the root cause for every action proposed by the solver. This should improve the user experience quite a bit ...
Commits on Jan 09, 2013
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 701ebe7
@samoht samoht Clean-ups in the tests Makefile 7c9a86c
@samoht samoht Distinguish between packages explicitely installed by the user and th…
…e rest.

This let us uninstall unecessary packages when one root package is uninstalled.

Also, try to give some explanations when deleting packages as well.
@samoht samoht Improve the root cause analysis of OPAM actions. 1ca631f
@samoht samoht Clean-ups: OPAM now compiles with -warning-error A -w +A-4-9 19de888
@samoht samoht Init ~/.opam/<switch>/installed.user with the initial packages (it wa…
…s working before, because is that file is empty, then OPAM copies the content of ~/.opam/<switch>/installed).
@samoht samoht Initialize installed.user when switching and importing packages ff8a568
@samoht samoht Code refactoring: change installed.user -> installed.roots
No semantic changes
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 007df0a
@samoht samoht Add --installed and --short options to 'opam switch list'
The --installed option only display the currently installed compiler switches.
The --short option make OPAM display the list of available 'opam switch' target (ie. available compiler + installed switches) on one line, separated by spaces.

This should fix #371
@samoht samoht Fix the documentation for --short (as it can be used with 'opam switc…
…h list' as well now)
@tuong tuong Fix the non-termination of OPAM when sometimes we install an arbitrar…
…y package, see 006293e .
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #372 from tuong/master
Fix the non-termination of OPAM when sometimes we install an arbitrary package, see 006293e .
@samoht samoht Improvement to the solver heuristics:
* Reduce the size of the state space explored by the brute-force heuristics.
* Minimize the actions perfomed by OPAM to only the one explicitely required by the user.

This should fix #323 (or at least greatly improve similar situations).
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 8b7e627
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 6e81524
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
@tuong tuong we continue 7fcfe9c 92c8d85
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #374 from tuong/master
we continue 7fcfe9c
@samoht samoht Clean-ups in the tests:
* the build scripts now fail properly on build error
* the final test to check wgether compiler env variables works is more robust
@samoht samoht Really fix #349 and #262
We really need to use files here, as the parent will not consider running childs and will only look for their termination before eventually reading the marshaled error. If we use a normal pipe, this could easily to lead to dead-locks, as pointed out by @tuong.

This fix re-add the initial temporary file (but this time, they are simply in ~/.opam/logs and really unique).

So this commit partially revert 92c8d85, 7fcfe9c and 006293e. Partially because it keeps the good idea of truncating the output in case either stderr or stdout are too long.

So this commit greatly improve the user experience when there is a compilatin error. The location of full logs is showed in case the truncated lines are not enough to solve the problem.
@samoht samoht Add a --fake option.
Using this mode, OPAM will work in a simulation mode where all the build/install will be simulated.  This will *greatly* help debugging weird solver behavior (if any).

BEWARE: do not mix --fake commands with normal commands within the same compiler switch: this will definitely corrupt the state of OPAM. So use this wonderful option with care :-)
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES c52d652
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
@OCamlPro-Bozman OCamlPro-Bozman Update completion script for zsh 8321696
@OCamlPro-Bozman OCamlPro-Bozman Merge branch 'master' of dfe666b
@OCamlPro-Bozman OCamlPro-Bozman Update the way to get the list of sub-commands 4a23fbf
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #379 from cago/master
Update completion script for zsh
@samoht samoht Register all the printers in one place (eg. in OpamSystem) effa6cc
@samoht samoht Improve the output of opam-mk-error on error.
This should help debugging #378
@samoht samoht Do not use spawn a shell to do redirect when creating index.tar.gz. A…
…pparently it can fail on some system and tar simply accepts an output file as argument.

This should fix #378
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 8784502
@samoht samoht Fix typo. This should really fix #378 7b1936b
@samoht samoht Improvements to opam-mk-repo.
* Warn when skipping non-existant packages.
* Do nothing if the user has provided no valid packages.
* Be more robust when trying to create index.tar.gz or urls.txt in empty repositories (ie. do nothing in this case).
@samoht samoht Add the build flags to 'opam import' a83b7a7
@samoht samoht Import/export the root packages as well. 0691322
@samoht samoht 'opam remove' should behave nicely when using with --fake ac97eaa
@samoht samoht Installed packages are always available.
This means that you can remove a repository and continue to use the packages normally as long as they are installed. Once uninstalled (because of upgrade/remove), then they will disapear.

This should fix #309
@samoht samoht Refactoring, no semantic changes 0d418eb
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam remove' solver request.
* Manually the packages depending on the ones we want to remove
* keep the same version for the transitve closure of soft-dependencies of installed roots
* and call the solver which will delete all the remaining non-root packages
@samoht samoht 'opam init' now accepts --fake (ie. to fake the installation of base …
@samoht samoht When using the external solver, also display the command used to call…
… the solver at the first line of the generated CUDF file (if using --cudf option)
@samoht samoht Display a line on the CUDF file to say when we use the internal solver 4884e5e
@samoht samoht Display a message when using --dry-run 6fe8698
@samoht samoht By default, use the 'paranoid' strategy when an external solver is av…

If you want to tweak the stategy used, change OPAMCRITERIA (for instance OPAMCRITERIA=-new,-remove), see /usr/bin/aspcud for available options (the package is available under debian in apt-cudf.
@samoht samoht Test. Do not pollute OPAM root with the export file. c40b9fb
@samoht samoht Add a success message when the test is successful (sorry @altgr no co…
@samoht samoht Clean up log files when the command is a success, and do not polute t…
…he root of OPAM (ie. everything goes into ~/.opam/log or ~/.opam/<switch>/build/<package>/)
@samoht samoht Improve error messages in OpamSystem 52ff3b5
@samoht samoht On upgrade, if we recompile packages because of upstream changes (whi…
…ch is typically the case when we use dev packages), remember which packages successfuly build and install to not have to handle them again on the next upgdrade.

This was working well when we were upgrading because of new packages, so now the behavior is much more consistent.
@samoht samoht Always create a new archive from 'git -tar' when using dev packages, …
…this is much more robust (and it not much slower anyway).
@samoht samoht Add consistency checks when using 'opam pin'.
This will make the semantics easier to understand (but one could still use --force to bypass the checks).

This should fix #384
@samoht samoht On startup check that repository state are consistent and try to fix …
…eventual issues.

This could be extended later by adding more consistency checks.
@samoht samoht Improve again the output in case of errors. f2f01f2
@samoht samoht Improve output of 'opam info' when the description is short (ie. only…
… one line).
@samoht samoht Improve the pin consistency checks, and consider that the pinned pack…
…age is the one with max-version. I guess it would be better to give the option to the user to choose which is the corresponding version but no hurry.
@samoht samoht Fix-up 'up-to-date' messages on 'opam update'. 6ed456a
@samoht samoht Better message when the version of OPAM is not up-to-date.
It's maybe a bit harsh to beg the user to upgrade on every opam invocation, but I guess we could improve that with 1.0.0.

This should fix #382
@samoht samoht Register some global statistics. Use OPAMSTATS=1 to activate. e374647
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam pin --force' 5580784
Commits on Jan 12, 2013
@samoht samoht Improve opam-mk-repo message when it fixes a checksum 2bd42db
@samoht samoht Filename.get_temp_dir_name does not exists in OCaml 3.12.1
This should fix #386
Commits on Jan 13, 2013
@mehdid mehdid Pcre was renamed into Re_pcre 544a04f
@samoht samoht Add a patch to make dose use the new re.pcre API instead of pcre-ocaml.
This is not activated yet as need to wait for upstream changes and #387.
@tuong tuong we continue 995cea3
The fix-point is really really 1 step now.
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #388 from tuong/master
we continue 995cea3
Commits on Jan 14, 2013
@samoht samoht Display a warning if one of the base package is not installed 97aa1f2
@samoht samoht More stats 72547f1
@chambart chambart When an external solver is available, make a correct request for it. 45479fd
@samoht samoht Fix update of compiler description on 'opam update'. 4d9415d
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 9e45f6a
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #389 from chambart/master
Format the install request build in opamClient so that an external cudf solver can solve it correctly
@samoht samoht Fix initialization.
Check the consistency of base-package only when we switch.

This should fix #390
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 8d306e1
Commits on Jan 15, 2013
@samoht samoht Update to ocaml-re 1.2.0
This is related to #387
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #387 from mehdid/master
Pcre was renamed into Re_pcre
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 20abd32
@samoht samoht Fix end-of-line warning with OpamVersion 8cd4718
@samoht samoht Fix to make the new ocaml-re compile 366a87c
@samoht samoht Update dose patch for the new ocaml-re c1c6c03
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 972415e
@samoht samoht Bump version number b644f1f
@avsm avsm improve the main help text 5581e09
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #392 from avsm/master
improve help text
@samoht samoht Bump trunk version to 0.9.2 67f5cba
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 39f3e12
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam-mk-repo -a' 43e1a71
@samoht samoht Look for opam-lib to check if OPAM is up-to-date and do no ask the us…
…er if he really wants to continue as it's a bit annoying.
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 2e87e9c
@samoht samoht Do not remove log file of a command with an error. 5fc7387
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam-mk-repo --index' 418fa02
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES ad103a6
@samoht samoht Remove left-over pinned cache (this can happen sometimes when the pin…
…ned package failed to build).
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 75c6e9b
@samoht samoht Be a bit less aggressive when caching the cache of pinned package. 951f0bd
@samoht samoht Fix previous commit ... this should work now. 5f213a6
@samoht samoht Be more robust when an installed package disapear. a7c39bb
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam help' to display the main help page.
This should fix #397 (thx to @dbuenzli)
@samoht samoht Fix typo 301c89e
@samoht samoht Update generated man pages a843bdf
@samoht samoht Update API docs f735b79
@samoht samoht 'opam update <pinned-package>' works.
This should fix #396 (which is quite annoying when you don't have network access)
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 120d6d8
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
@samoht samoht Add a binary auto-install script (thx to @lefessan) d73a2c0
@samoht samoht Expose a function to check whether a command is available in the envi…
@samoht samoht Make a bit more user friendly when you don't care abo…
…ut log files.
@samoht samoht Support for opam-<cmd>
when running 'opam foo -x -y', if 'opam-foo' is in the PATH then, OPAM will call 'opam-foo -x -y'.
remark: it's not possible to overwrite default commands.
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES af219d7
@samoht samoht Remove debug printf statement 1f168b3
@samoht samoht -s is --switch and --short; get ride of it for --switch and use -w 2c99fbc
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
@samoht samoht Prevent opam-mk-repo for deleting tmp/ and log/ subdirs if these dire…
…ctories already exist.

This is quite a bad bug and should fix #403
@samoht samoht Fix typo (thx to @smondet) 2e86058
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam pin <package> none' 2a12c4b
J. Prevost Modified to fall back to copy if link is not supported. 7a1cfa8
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #410 from hypatian/master
Modify to fall back to copy if link is not supported
@samoht samoht Fix using pipe for 'opam switch import/export' ea3d41a
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of 6203f1d
@samoht samoht Fix lexer line location fbc0058
@samoht samoht Make OPAM more robust to syntax errors in opam files 7692a49
@samoht samoht Improve lexing/parsing error messages 5022b55
@samoht samoht Do not call load_state before installing a package: this has a side-e…
…ffect to delete the temp dirs associated to uninstalled package, so this breaks initial installation of devel and pinned packages (which are reinstalled from scratch on the first update).
@samoht samoht Specify the call-site when using load_state. 8300286
@samoht samoht Use curl --insecure when bootstraping OPAM
This should fix #408
@samoht samoht Add a 'short' option to display repositories
'opam repo -s' now displays a compact list of repositories (which could be used by opam update)
@samoht samoht Really add the list of pinned packages to 'opam repo -s'
This should help writing auto-completion scripts (see #375)
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
@samoht samoht Speed-up the 'opam config env' command.
This should fix #412
@samoht samoht Speed-up file access by not using lseek
This is related to performance improvments mentionned in #412
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
@avsm avsm clean out the source directory before building fresh version 40f0302
@samoht samoht Merge pull request #413 from avsm/master
jenkins fix
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
@samoht samoht Fix 'opam repo remove <pkg>' 4545e69
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 34a7a97
@samoht samoht Clean-up left-over repositories when creating new ones with the same …
@samoht samoht remote => repository API change 90a67b5
@samoht samoht Merge branch 'master' of e45c0be
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
@samoht samoht Install all the API libraries 57bb526
@samoht samoht Update CHANGES 89204a8
Commits on Jan 28, 2013
@samoht samoht Use a 'patch' command which should work on BSD 751b4ea
@samoht samoht Do not clean tmp files in repository caches if there exists at least …
…a compiler having the package installed.
@samoht samoht Do not check the consistency on every state load, as this can be wron…
…g in some cases (ie. for instance, when the global lock is taken).

Previously, having a long-running 'opam install <foo>' command in one term and an 'opam list' in an other will break in an horrible way as the 'opam list' consistency check will remove the eventual tmp dirs created by 'opam install <foo>'

This is fixed by doing global consistency check only when we have the global lock (ie. when we know that no other operation can be done concurrently) and switch consistency checks when we have the right switch lock.
@samoht samoht Add implicit env variables when building packages.
@samoht samoht Fix 'make install' target (regression introduced by 57bb526) eb581e1
@samoht samoht Fix broken `opam config env` (introduced by 7551244)
CAML_LIBRARY_PATH and custom compiler variables were not displayed properly.

This should fix #417
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
@samoht samoht 'opam config var' needs an argument
Fix #418
@samoht samoht Add "root" to the list of implicit variables.
This should fix #419
@samoht samoht Refactor some API bits and improve the error displayed to the user wh…
…en using 'opam repository <COMMAND>s'
@samoht samoht fix application of patches for BSD. This should fix #414 3d91f03
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
@samoht samoht Fix stupid typo which was breaking patch application. 288be03
@samoht samoht Small fixes to improve error recovery:
* when the extract phase is failing, recover from errors (this should fix #402)
* when the user do CTRL-C let the child clean-up properly
@samoht samoht Do not display scarry backtrace on 'normal' exits 5236688
@samoht samoht Fix unit-tests b4ceb3e
@samoht samoht Fix jenkins init f811688
@samoht samoht Update jenkins 83a6b20
@samoht samoht cd src_ext && make distclean should work even if ./configure has not run 36d6900
@samoht samoht Really fix the jenkins init script (at least) b40720e
@samoht samoht Remove duplicated code 58877cb
@samoht samoht Make compiler updates more robust 6c6a8d2
Commits on Feb 01, 2013
@samoht samoht Improvement to the solver heuristics
This should fix #415
@samoht samoht Bump trunk version number 1b46b99
@samoht samoht Revert version bump 5f104d8
@samoht samoht Fix solver exn 3fb1a97