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A test execution engine for Michelson smart contracts.
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Techelson Build Status

TEst miCHELSON: techelson.

A test execution engine for Michelson smart contracts.


The user documentation is hosted here the main repository's github pages. Finally, there is a blog post by Techelson's main developer on how to use Techelson with Liquidity:


Techelson is currently in beta. The rough list of (planned) features is

  • operation must-fail: specifies that a (chain of) operation(s) should fail
  • inspection instruction: break points and stack inspection
  • support for all data types (potentially with some liberty taken compared to tezos)
    • everything but signature
    • signature
  • semantics as close to the tezos protocol as possible
    • for non-crypto, non-packing-related operations (int, nat, map, etc.)
    • for crypto operations
    • internal packing and unpacking (packed and unpacked by Techelson)
    • arbitrary byte unpacking
  • support import of local michelson contracts
  • support retrieving the storage and code of contracts directly from the tezos blockchain


We recommend to use the latest version of the OCaml compiler. Make sure you have opam installed, and run

> opam switch create techelson 4.07.1

Techelson relies on the dune build system and a few other libraries:

> opam install dune menhir zarith ptime stdint

(This list of dependencies might be out-of-date. Check for the latest version.) Finally, build Techelson with make. The binary will be ./bin/techelson.

You can also run make test to make sure there is no problem with the Techelson binary. The user documentation's root is docs/user_doc/index.html. You can regenerate it with make user-doc, as long as you have mdbook installed.


Assuming the binary Techelson is in you path, you can run it with

> techelson [ --contract <contract_file> ]* -- [ <testcase> ]*

Argument <contract_file> is a michelson contract (storage, parameter and code fields). <optional_init_file> is an optional initializer for the contract. It should contain two fields : parameter and code. The former is the type of data the initializer takes as input, and the latter is a (sequence of) michelson instruction(s) which, from a stack with a value of type parameter, produces a stack with a value of the storage type appearing in the <contract_file> associated with the initializer.

A <testcase> is a (sequence of) michelson instruction(s) which produce(s) a list of operations from an empty stack. Techelson runs all testcases sequentially and reports the errors it runs into.

For example

> techelson --contract rsc/tests/test0/contracts/ -- rsc/tests/test0/okay/Test0Test1.techel
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