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Welcome to the home of the ODF Advocacy Open Project.

The ODF Advocacy project works to create awareness and educate the world about the benefits of using the OpenDocument Format OASIS Standard (also published as ISO/IEC 26300).

ODF is an XML-based file format for personal productivity applications such as office suites, word processors, text/document editors, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Use of ODF guarantees access to your data forever, ensuring that data can be transferred between different computers and operating systems, without having to worry about vendor lock-in or license fees.

The ODF Advocacy project develops non-commercial, informational materials for a sustained communication campaign about the technical advantages and cost-savings of using standard-based document interoperability over proprietary formats.

ODF Advocacy is an OASIS Open Project.


The ODF Advocacy Open Project relies on organizational sponsorship to fund its work. The ODF Advocacy project is sponsored by:

CIB labs GmbH

The Document Foundation

To become an ODF Advocacy Sponsor, visit Open Project Sponsorship or contact

Project Governing Board

The Project Governing Board provides top-level guidance and strategic direction for ODF Advocacy. Members of the Board are:

Mailing list

Anyone interested in the work of the ODF Advocacy Open Project is welcome to subscribe by sending an empty email to and replying to the confirmation email. List archives are publicly viewable.

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