A Python-Django web application enabling upload and display of data from environmental monitoring sites. Data are streamed from connected sensing devices or manually uploaded into an ODM2 database instance.
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This repository contains the code for a web-based application that enables upload and display of data from environmental monitoring sites. Data can be manually uploaded or streamed from web-enabled, environmental data collection devices. The application uses an ODM2 database instance for data storage in the backend. For streaming data, any web-enabled device or computer can post data to an instance of this application, but we have primarily designed it for data collected by citizen scientists using Arduino-based Mayfly dataloggers in collaboration with the EnviroDIY community. Learn more at http://www.envirodiy.org.

The main instance of this application is currently hosted at http://data.envirodiy.org. We will be moving soon to data.wikiwatershed.org.

Example POST Requests for Streaming Data

The ODM2DataSharingPortal relies on devices that can push data to the web using HTTP POST requests. We've included some documentation where you can view example POST requests to learn the syntax.

EnviroDIY Datalogger Code and Libraries

The source code for the EnviroDIY Mayfly loggers, examples, and libraries are hosted in GitHub at https://github.com/EnviroDIY.