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This Wiki is still in progress as GTFS-ride is being finalized. For current detailed ridership standard information, please refer to Please email the project developers with any general questions or comments.

What is GTFS-ride?

GTFS-ride is an open, fixed-route transit ridership data standard developed through a partnership between the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University. GTFS-ride allows for improved ridership data collection, storing, sharing, reporting, and analysis.

This standard uses the required elements of GTFS and adds files necessary for ridership data standardization and reporting. GTFS-ride allows transit agencies to share their ridership data with other agencies and organizations interesting in collecting and analyzing ridership data.

How do I get started?

  1. Review the wiki for GTFS-ride Files.
  2. Take a look at GTFS-ride examples.
  3. Use as a guide to creating your own feed.
  4. Use the GTFS-ride feed validator to test your feed.
  5. Publish your validated GTFS-ride feed.

GTFS to GTFS-ride file relationships

  • Required files in bold GTFS and GTFS-ride file relationships
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