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File Requirements

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GTFS-ride follows the file requirements of GTFS:

  • All files ... must be saved as comma-delimited text.
  • The first line of each file must contain field names. Each reference page corresponds to one of the files in a transit feed and lists the field names you may use in that file.
  • All field names are case-sensitive.
  • Field values may not contain tabs, carriage returns or new lines.
  • Field values that contain quotation marks or commas must be enclosed within quotation marks. In addition, each quotation mark in the field value must be preceded with a quotation mark. This is consistent with the manner in which Microsoft Excel outputs comma-delimited (CSV) files. For more information on the CSV file format, see The following example demonstrates how a field value would appear in a comma-delimited file:
  • Original field value: Contains "quotes", commas and text
  • Field value in CSV file: "Contains ""quotes"", commas and text"
  • Field values must not contain HTML tags, comments or escape sequences.
  • Remove any extra spaces between fields or field names. Many parsers consider the spaces to be part of the value, which may cause errors.
  • Each line must end with a CRLF or LF linebreak character.
  • Files should be encoded in UTF-8 to support all Unicode characters. Files that include the Unicode byte-order mark (BOM) character are acceptable. Please see the Unicode FAQ for more information on the BOM character and UTF-8.
  • Zip the files in your feed.

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