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Provides a library to help parse and validate GTFS-ride feed files. The validator generates an HTML report with a summary of the feed.

Macosx and Windows

To install the feedvalidator, either clone the repo using git or download the repo using the download feature.

Make sure that python is installed on your machine before running the feedvalidator. The the feedvalidator tool was developed and tested with python 2.7. Other phyton versions may not work.

To run the script, open up the terminal and navigate to the directory that contains the script. Once there, enter the following command: python location/of/feed/to/be/validated


To install the feedvalidator, locate the feedvalidator_ride.exe file in this repo, select it, then download. To run the feedvalidator tool, double click on the executable file.

You can also drag the zipped file onto the executable to validate a feed. If the executable is run on its own, you will be promted to enter the location of your feed file.