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OpenEmbedded/Yocto BSP layer for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2/AGX Xavier/Nano

Linux4Tegra release: R32.6.1 JetPack release: 4.6

Boards supported:

  • Jetson-TX1 development kit
  • Jetson-TX2 development kit
  • Jetson TX2-NX module in Xavier NX dev kit carrier
  • Jetson AGX Xavier development kit
  • Jetson Nano development kit
  • Jetson Nano eMMC module with rev B01 carrier board
  • Jetson Nano 2GB development kit
  • Jetson Xavier NX Development Kit
  • Jetson Xavier NX eMMC module in dev kit or Nano carrier board

Also supported thanks to community support:

  • Jetson-TX2i module
  • Jetson-TX2 4GB module

This layer depends on: URI: git:// branch: master LAYERSERIES_COMPAT: honister


  • CUDA 10.2 supports up through gcc 8 only. Pre-built binaries in the BSP appear to be compatible with gcc 7 and 8 only. So use only gcc 7 or gcc 8 if you intend to use CUDA. Recipes for gcc 8 have been imported from the OE-Core warrior branch (the last version of OE-Core to supply gcc 8) to make it easier to use this older toolchain.

    See this wiki page for information on adding the meta-tegra/contrib layer to your builds and configuring them for GCC 8.

Getting Help

For general build issues or questions about getting started with your build setup please use the Discussions tab of the meta-tegra repository:

  • Use the Ideas category for anything you'd like to see included in meta-tegra, Wiki content, or the tegra-demo-distro.
  • Use the Q&A category for questions about how to build or modify your Tegra target based on the content here.
  • Use the "Show and Tell" category for any projects you'd like to share which are related to meta-tegra.
  • Use the General channel for anything that doesn't fit well into the categories above, and which doesn't relate to a build or runtime issue with Tegra yocto builds.

Reporting Issues

Use the Issues tab in meta-tegra for reporting build or runtime issues with Tegra yocto build targets. When reporting build or runtime issues, please include as much information about your environment as you can. For example, the target hardware you are building for, branch/version information, etc. Please fill in the provided bug template when reporting issues.


Please see

Contributions are welcome!