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Create SDMX-ML markup from DSD Matrix design tool
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This feature generates a valid structure. The code and measure values are empty so need to be filled by user.
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This tool is used to visually model and design SDMX data artefacts, and generate the SDMX-ML markup for implementation. It is an enhancement of the Generic SDMX Design Matrix which has proven to be successful as a collaborative design tool for non-SDMX experts.

The primary goal of the tool is to be able to create the artefacts without a lot of SDMX technical knowledge, and to put the focus on the statistical aspects of the data model.

This tool maps to these GSBPM sub-processes:

  • 2.1 Design outputs (Dataflows design in Dataflows and DSD-Concept Matrix worksheets)
  • 2.2 Design variable descriptions (decomposition and creation of indicators in Indicator-Concept Matrix worksheet)
  • 3.1 Reuse or build collection instruments (generating SDMX-ML for reporting Dataflows)
  • 3.3 Reuse or build dissemination instruments (generating SDMX-ML for dissemination Dataflows)

To improve the tool, please request it by raising an issue and/or fork the repository and make the improvement yourself :)

David Barraclough

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