Voting client for -- development here has stopped in favor of official support for mobile
Latest commit 54693af Dec 13, 2015 @OEP Merge tag 'v1.2.0' into develop
Version 1.2.0

This will be the final feature release of Rainwave for Android, and the change
in the minor version is just an indicator of the deprecation.

New this version:

* Corrections to Spanish translation.
* Fix crashes when requesting tracks by artist (issue #49).
* Some internal code cleanup, and logging improvements.
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Rainwave for Android

A voting client for, an online streaming music site.


  • From Google Play
  • From source: build from the master branch for latest stable, or develop for the most recent features and bugfixes.

    ant clean release


Please contribute in the form of pull requests. All feature branches should base off of develop and be merged back into develop.

Beta Testing

A beta version is available. To sign up:

  1. Sign up for the Google+ Community
  2. Opt in for beta updates

Beta versions will appear as normal updates do for Google Play.