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%% This example is written by Paul Kilgo. It highlights all the (few) features
%% of uathesis.cls
%% Use one of the following if writing a thesis/dissertation.
% \documentclass[thesis]{uathesis}
%% Basic packages you'll probably want to use.
\usepackage{graphicx} %% For using \includegraphics{}
\usepackage{cite} %% For sorting/collapsing citations.
\usepackage{color} %% For colors used in listings.
\usepackage{listings} %% Code listings (for engineers)
\usepackage[bookmarks=true]{hyperref} %% Hyperlinks table of content, etc.
%% Includes
% TODO: If you have any special commands defined, include them here.
%% Required parameters (these default to undefined)
\author{Joe Somebody} %% Your name!
\adviser{The Boss} %% Your adviser/committee chair!
%% The people on your committee.
%% Use \and to break them up between lines.
Andy Smith \and
Billy Smith \and
Carl Smith
%% Note the use of \and to create line breaks and the
%% inverted pyramid style requested by the graduate school.
%% You have to do this manually. Sorry.
\title{Title of the thesis: the top line should be the longest \and
the middle one is second longest \and
and the last is shortest}
\degree{Doctor of Philosophy} %% Change to suit your degree.
\department{Computer Science} %% Change to suit your department.
%% These are body text paragraphs to be placed in the front matter.
There is such a thing as \gls{tmi}. My brother once said that \gls{tmi}
is what drives the world, some times causing fits of \gls{lol}. If one
is to get in a especially deep fit of the \glspl{lol}, then one could
find oneself \gls{rotflol}.
By the way, \gls{alpha} and \gls{beta} are Greek letters.
Type or input{} your dedication here.
Type or input{} your acknowledgments here.
%% Optional parameters. The default usage is shown.
\university{The University of Alabama}
\school{Graduate School}
\place{Tuscaloosa, Alabama}
%% Makes the title, abstract, dedication, table of contents, etc.
%% Must be before \begin{body}
%% The bulk of your thesis.
%% Begin your \chapter's here.
%% Body chapters.
Take a look at Figure \ref{fig:shapes}. It has some shapes. They're very
complex and interesting shapes. I could gaze at them for hours.
\caption{Some shapes which I find very interesting.}
Type or input{} a chapter. \cite{rocket-themoon2167}
Take a look at Table \ref{tab:love-shapes}. It shows how much I love certain
\caption{Shapes and corresponding love in Love Standard Units (LSU).}
Type or input{} a chapter. \cite{rocket-themoon2167}
Type or input{} a chapter. \cite{rocket-themoon2167}
Type or input{} a chapter. \cite{rocket-themoon2167}
%% Currently adding the references to the table of contents is not automatic
%% So we are forced to do it manually.
%% Generates the bibliography.
%% Appendix chapters.
\chapter{A BIG APPENDIX}
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