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OExchange Web

What's Here?

The source for everything on, including:

  • The OExchange spec

  • Various tools to help OExchange development

  • Some PHP utility code, lib-oexchange, currently part of the site but might some day be separated

  • The home page, quickstart, all that

Other things are in other repos in the OExchange account.

How to Contribute

If you're interested in being a contributor, join the discussion.

Development Setup

The root of the site source is /webroot. To run it locally, you just need a PHP and Apache environment:

  • set up a /etc/hosts to point to your dev machine

  • set up a virtual host for to point to the webroot

  • access the site locally at

The site uses the hostname that you hit it with to determine the location of static assets, so don't use an alternate hostname or "localhost".

CDN, Deploying, and Site-Wide Configuration

Once deployed, the site relies on static assets cached at, etc. The common configuration script included in every page sets variables, based on requested hostname, for the root path from which to serve these static assets.

The site builds/deploys, once your out of your local source tree, using Ant. The build script has help.

To deploy a version of the site to your local dev environment, but still have it reference the CDN assets, set up a "www-localstage" virtual host and /etc/host mapping, and use the deploy-localstage build target.

Note that you can't deploy to production, either the main server or the CDN, without proper credentials.


OExchange is an openly-developed specification for URL-sharing on the web.






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