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Building and operating Open and Federated Future Internet (SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated) Testbed

A Project Sponsored by Asi@Connect
(Grant No: Asi@Connect-17-094)

OF@TEIN+: Open/Federated Playground for Future Networks is proposed to further enhance, extend and expand OF@TEIN. The main purpose of OF@TEIN+ is to build and operate an Open and Federated Future Internet (SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated) Testbed in further promoting SDN-Cloud R&D collaboration among TEIN partners.

Primary goals of this project are:

  1. Gather and Learn Together: Expanding the OF@TEIN Community and Sharing the Knowledge about Open and Federated (i.e., shared) SDN/NFV/Cloud-integrated Playground amongst the Members.
  2. Build and Upgrade Together: Deployment and Upgrade of Open/Federated Playground with Distributed SmartX Box Playground Resources and Centralized Data Lake/Analytics Hardware.
  3. Operate and Automate Together: Collaborate among Leading Members to enable Automated DevOps-style Operation of Playground Resources and Platforms.
  4. Play and Visualize Together: Collaborate with All Members in Experimenting (i.e., Playing) and Visualizing “Plays over Playground”.
  5. Investigate and Enrich Together: Investigate selected building-block topics on Future Network technology and attempt to enhance the playground capability/agility by applying the investigation outcomes.

Co-PI (Corresponding): Dr Teck Chaw LING,

Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,
University of Malaya, Malaysia.
APAN Network Research Workshop Co-Chair.
MYREN Network and Distributed WG Chair.

Co-PI: Dr JongWon Kim,

Professor, School of Information & Communications, GIST, Gwangju, KOREA.
APAN Technology Area Director (2014~) & APAN Cloud WG Co-Chair (2014~)

Project Members

Please go to Project Members page to see the list of participating collaborators for OF@TEIN+ Project.

OF@TEIN+ Playground

Please go to OF@TEIN+ Playground Presentation to check OF@TEIN+ Playground details.

Software Solutions

Please go to Ops-Software page to see the list of developed operational software solutions and Apps-Software page to see the list of developed application software solutions.

Project Meetings

Please go to Meetings page to see the list of previous project meetings.

Project Presentations

Please go to Presentations page to see the detailed project presentation.

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