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Example repository for external contributions to OGGM-Edu
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Example for external contributions to OGGM-Edu

In this repository, we illustrate how you can create your own educational content (in a notebook) and run it in an OGGM / MyBinder environment.

There are two steps:

1. Create your content and put in on an online repository

2. Create and share the link as explained below.

How to create a link

The link must have the following syntax:<PATH/TO/YOUR/REPO>

For example, here is the link to this repository:

To open in a jupyter-lab instead, use:<PATH/TO/YOUR/REPO>%26amp%3Burlpath=lab/tree/<YOUR_REPO_NAME>

To open in a jupyter-lab and at a specific folder/file, use:<PATH/TO/YOUR/REPO>%26amp%3Burlpath=lab/tree/<YOUR_REPO_NAME>/<PATH/TO/FILE>

For example, this opens the test notebook in Jupyter Lab:

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