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download function for JAXA's AW3D30 DEM #734

merged 16 commits into from Apr 10, 2019
Changes from 7 commits
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Just for now

@@ -22,6 +22,11 @@ Enhancements
By `Beatriz Recinos <>`_.
- Added a mechanism to add custom MB data to OGGM (:issue:`724`).
By `Fabien Maussion <>`_.
- The ALOS Global Digital Surface Model "ALOS World 3D - 30m" DEM from JAXA can
now be used as alternative DEM within OGGM.
`See our tutorial <>`_ on how to
set an alternative DEM (:pull:`734`).
By `Matthias Dusch <>`_.
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fmaussion Apr 8, 2019


Nit: space missing in front of "by"

Bug fixes
@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
HttpDownloadError, HttpContentTooShortError)
from oggm.utils._workflow import robust_tar_extract

# Module logger
logger = logging.getLogger('.'.join(__name__.split('.')[:-1]))
@@ -341,7 +342,7 @@ def _requests_urlretrieve(url, path, reporthook, auth=None):
raise HttpContentTooShortError()

def _classic_urlretrieve(url, path, reporthook, auth=None):
def _classic_urlretrieve(url, cache_path, reporthook, auth=None):
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TimoRoth Apr 9, 2019


I just fixed this in the opposite way myself, so this change here needs undone or it will introduce the same issue again, just reversed.

"""Thin wrapper around pythons urllib urlretrieve

@@ -838,6 +839,50 @@ def _download_arcticdem_from_cluster_unlocked():
return outpath

def _download_aw3d30_file(zone):
with _get_download_lock():
return _download_aw3d30_file_unlocked(zone)

def _download_aw3d30_file_unlocked(fullzone):
"""Checks if the AW3D30 data is in the directory and if not, download it.

# extract directory
tmpdir = cfg.PATHS['tmp_dir']

# tarfiles are extracted in directories per each tile
tile = fullzone.split('/')[1]
demfile = os.path.join(tmpdir, tile, tile + '_AVE_DSM.tif')

# check if extracted file exists already
if os.path.exists(demfile):
return demfile

# Did we download it yet?
ftpfile = (''
+ fullzone + '.tar.gz')
dest_file = file_downloader(ftpfile)
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matthiasdusch Apr 4, 2019

Author Member

this doesn't work right now

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TimoRoth Apr 4, 2019


requests does not support downloading from ftp. I searched quite a bit on how to do it, and only found ugly hacks and conclusions that it's an old protocol and they want people to use https instead.

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fmaussion Apr 4, 2019


This is a clear incentive to solve the license issue. Since we have the files on cluster we could either:

  • make them open and download from there
  • hide them behind a password and use the same technique as for Tandem-X with a local credential file. Then we can control who gets the password (my preferred approach from now)

# None means we tried hard but we couldn't find it
if not dest_file:
return None

# ok we have to extract it

if not os.path.exists(demfile):
dempath = os.path.dirname(demfile)
robust_tar_extract(dest_file, dempath)

# See if we're good, don't overfill the tmp directory
assert os.path.exists(demfile)
# this tarfile contains several files
for file in os.listdir(dempath):
cfg.get_lru_handler(tmpdir).append(os.path.join(dempath, file))
return demfile

def _get_centerline_lonlat(gdir):
"""Quick n dirty solution to write the centerlines as a shapefile"""

@@ -961,6 +1006,50 @@ def tandem_zone(lon_ex, lat_ex):
return list(sorted(set(zones)))

def _aw3d30_path(lon_tile, lat_tile):

# OK we have a proper tile now

# Folders are sorted with N E S W in 5 degree steps
# But in N and E the lower boundary is indicated
# e.g. N060 contains N060 - N064
# e.g. E000 contains E000 - E004
# but S and W indicate the upper boundary:
# e.g. S010 contains S006 - S010
# e.g. W095 contains W091 - W095

# get letters
ns = 'S' if lat_tile < 0 else 'N'
ew = 'W' if lon_tile < 0 else 'E'

# get lat/lon
lon = abs(5 * np.floor(lon_tile/5))
lat = abs(5 * np.floor(lat_tile/5))

folder = '%s%.3d%s%.3d' % (ns, lat, ew, lon)
filename = '%s%.3d%s%.3d' % (ns, abs(lat_tile), ew, abs(lon_tile))

# Final path
out = folder + '/' + filename
return out

def aw3d30_zone(lon_ex, lat_ex):
"""Returns a list of AW3D30 zones covering the desired extent.

# Files are one by one tiles, so lets loop over them
lon_tiles = np.arange(np.floor(lon_ex[0]), np.ceil(lon_ex[1]+1e-9),
lat_tiles = np.arange(np.floor(lat_ex[0]), np.ceil(lat_ex[1]+1e-9),
zones = []
for lon in lon_tiles:
for lat in lat_tiles:
zones.append(_aw3d30_path(lon, lat))
return list(sorted(set(zones)))

def arcticdem_zone(lon_ex, lat_ex):
"""Returns a list of Arctic-DEM zones covering the desired extent.
@@ -1627,6 +1716,7 @@ def get_topo_file(lon_ex, lat_ex, rgi_region=None, rgi_subregion=None,
- 'ASTER' : ASTER data
- 'TANDEM' :
- 'AW3D30' :
@@ -1693,6 +1783,14 @@ def get_topo_file(lon_ex, lat_ex, rgi_region=None, rgi_subregion=None,
source_str = source

# AW3D30 - ALOS Global Digital Surface Model 3D 30m from JAXA
if source == 'AW3D30':
zones = aw3d30_zone(lon_ex, lat_ex)
sources = []
for z in zones:
source_str = source

# Anywhere else on Earth we check for DEM3, ASTER, or SRTM
# exceptional test for eastern russia:
east_max = np.min(lat_ex) > 59 and np.min(lon_ex) > 170
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