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* pulled fixed added to the monoltic python file
* added exporting of custom vertex groups
* console export documented
* code refactored, tested to work with 2.71
* patched to work with 2.66.
* apply patch from Thomas for Blender 2.6x support
* Clean all names that will be used as filenames on disk. Adjust all places
that use these names for refs instead of Replaced chars
are \, /, :, *, ?, ", <, >, | and spaces. Tested on work with ogre
material, mesh and skeleton writing/refs inside the files and txml refs.
Shows warning at final report if we had to resort to the renaming so user
can possibly rename the object.
* Added silent auto update checks if blender2ogre was installed using
the .exe installer. This will keep people up to date when new versions are out.
* Fix tracker issue 48: Needs to check if outputting to /tmp or
~/.wine/drive_c/tmp on Linux. Thanks to vax456 for providing the patch,
added him to contributors. Preview mesh's are now placed under /tmp
on Linux systems if the OgreMeshy executable ends with .exe
* Fix tracker issue 46: add operationtype to <submesh>
* Implement a modal dialog that reports if material names have invalid
characters and cant be saved on disk. This small popup will show until
user presses left or right mouse (anywhere).
* Fix tracker issue 44: XML Attributes not properly escaped in .scene file
* Implemented reading OgreXmlConverter path from windows registry.
The .exe installer will ship with certain tools so we can stop guessing
and making the user install tools separately and setting up paths.
* Fix bug that .mesh files were not generated while doing a .txml export.
This was result of the late 2.63 mods that forgot to update object
facecount before determining if mesh should be exported.
* Fix bug that changed settings in the export dialog were forgotten when you
re-exported without closing blender. Now settings should persist always
from the last export. They are also stored to disk so the same settings
are in use when if you restart Blender.
* Fix bug that once you did a export, the next time the export location was
forgotten. Now on sequential exports, the last export path is remembered in
the export dialog.
* Remove all local:// from asset refs and make them relative in .txml export.
Having relative refs is the best for local preview and importing the txml
to existing scenes.
* Make .material generate what version of this plugins was used to generate
the material file. Will be helpful in production to catch things.
Added pretty printing line endings so the raw .material data is easier to read.
* Improve console logging for the export stages. Run Blender from
cmd prompt to see this information.
* Clean/fix documentation in code for future development
* Add todo to code for future development
* Restructure/move code for easier readability
* Remove extra white spaces and convert tabs to space
* Update to Blender 2.6.3.
* Fixed xz-y Skeleton rotation (again)
* Added additional Keyframe at the end of each animation to prevent
ogre from interpolating back to the start
* Added option to ignore non-deformable bones
* Added option to export nla-strips independently from each other
* Remove this section and integrate below with code :)
* Fix terrain collision offset bug
* Add realtime transform (rotation is missing)
* Fix camera rotated -90 ogre-dot-scene
* Set description field for all pyRNA