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The new structure:
+= io_ogre/ # python source code
+- # changelog, blender registration and importing
+= ogre/ # code specific to ogre, export formats, xml, materials, ...
+- # OgreXmlConverter wrapper
+- # general exporting api
+= tundra/ # real extend plugin (not working yet)
+- # configuration loading, saving
+- # general purpose functions used in many places
+- # the reporting as a module rather than inlined
+- # xml utility
+- # add custom types to objects, materials, ...
+- ...
+= ui/
+- # general purpose ui elements
+- # export panel to export scene/mesh
+- # help/api docu for the plugin
+- # material specific additions
+= launch/ # several launch scripts (windows bat, linux sh, ...)
A more clear separation between realXtend, Jmoneky, ... has been made. As I see this now this plugin
is mainly for exporting to ogre file format, thus all other code should be moved out...
What I have done:
* moved 'general purpuse' code into
* CMesh is not used in the source code. moved to
* JMonkey moved to unused. There was a comment saying 'todo: remove...'
* The setup of _TXML_ -> _OgreCommonExport_ +-> OgrePlugin
+-> realXtend Plugin
is a bit weired, I don't see why there should be a dependency on _TXML_, since it is only used
for realXtend... now it is the following way:
_OgreCommonExport_ +-> OgrePlugin
+-> _TXML_ -> realXtend Plugin
OgrePlugin does not redefine properties of _OgreCommonExport_ (EX_* = TypeProperty(...) )
* different parts of ogre export (image,material,mesh,program,skeleton) got their own modules
* moved the rpython code to the rogre folder
* moved NVIDIA texture tool doc into
* usage of CONFIG is discouraged and you should use config.get('setting') and config.update(key=value, key1=value2, ...)
This resulted in about ~2200 loc in blender2ogre/ (from 7730).
I even further reduced it to 2000 loc, and removed some duplicate code.
6.8.14: further stripped down to 1310 loc
Second refactoring round
* for all usable ui features the classes has been renamed.
OP_name - an operator
MT_name - a menu
HT_name - a header