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This is the repository for Ogitor SceneBuilder, the WYSIWYG scene editing environment for OGRE

Fetching updates

Please note that some of Dependencies are in submodules. Do not forget to update them before build.

Building OGITOR

By default, the build script will download and install the media and projects archives, so you don't have to worry about getting them yourself. You can choose not to by setting OGITOR_DOWNLOAD_SAMPLEMEDIA and OGITOR_DOWNLOAD_SAMPLEPROJECT to FALSE when configuring the project with CMake.

Note: you must do the install (as in make install) step for ogitor to find the plugins. In doubt uncheck the OGITOR_DIST cmake option.

Running OGITOR

To be able to run Ogitor, you will need the archive downloaded and extracted into the OGITOR "RunPath" folder. The archive is optional but advised, since it offers a sample scene to get you started. Both archives can be downloaded under the following links:


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