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v2.1.1 Baldur

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@darksylinc darksylinc released this 01 Feb 00:10
· 25 commits to v2-1 since this release
  • Fix "Corrupt chunk detected" messages
  • Fix v2 Mesh LOD thresholds not being saved to mesh
  • Fix false positive in assert caused by off by one
  • Destroying items causes other item skeletons to be deformed (#9)
  • Fix build error in latest Linux distros (#132)
  • Fix wrong fail-safe check
  • Fix build error
  • Fix wrong math in Aabb::distance( Vector3 )
  • Fix C version of ArrayQuaternion::Cmov4 (#141)
  • Build v2-1 docs and set to publish
  • Add CompositorWorkspace::getDefinition()
  • Fix improper destruction of HlmsCompute
  • fix RaySceneQuery distance calculation
  • EMISSIVE texture is missing in HlmsJsonPbs::loadTexture()
  • Fix Forward+ overriding shadow casting lights' visibility
  • Increase patch version to Ogre 2.1.1
  • Bugfix: Bone::_getDerivedTransform using uninitialized values causing asserts to trigger Also prefer using Mathlib::LAST_AFFINE_COLUMN in ArrayMatrixAf4x3::store
    Updated build scripts to point ogre-next-deps git repo instead of bitbucket's Updated docs to point to Github instead of Bitbucket