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v2.2.2 Cerberus

@darksylinc darksylinc released this
· 1769 commits to master since this release
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Codename Cerberus

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  • Fix Constant bias not working with reverse depth enabled
  • Fixed glitchy ESM shadows due to missing barrier
  • Fixed very intermittent failure of glXMakeCurrent after window creation
  • Make OgreMemorySTLAllocator compile in C++20 mode
  • Keep accurate stats of drawn verts/tris/instances via getMetrics
  • Fixed crash in Sample_TutorialCompute01_UavTexture
  • Fixed regression which breaks D3D11 and possibly other RS
  • [D3D11,Win32] Fixed invalid size of newly created window.
  • Performed math optimization in ScreenRatioPixelCountLodStrategy
  • [GL3+] Incorrect invalidation of MSAA -> Resolved RenderTargets
  • Redone math formulas in PixelCountLod strategies w/ much better accuracy
  • Fixed crash when trying to use AbsolutePixelCountLodStrategy
  • Fixed build error with PVRTC Codec
  • Moved setUseDiffuseMapAsGrayscale to cpp
  • Fix: Tutorial01_Initialization crash due to missing LTC matrix textures
  • Added "diffuse_map_grayscale" hlms property to allow grayscale texture for diffuse_map
  • Fixed compilation of Ogre::UTFString when used outside of Ogre
  • Added note on how to preserve the MSAA content of all 6 faces
  • Put pass ibl_specular inside mixedCubemapRtv
  • Updated DynamicCubemap tutorial on how to render cubemap w/ MSAA
  • Added RTV support for MSAA cubemaps
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for D3D11DynamicBuffer, D3D11StagingBuffer, D3D11BufferInterfaceBase, D3D11VertexArrayObjectShared, Vbo, VertexBinding
  • [D3D11] allow repeated call to D3D11WindowsSwapChainBased::_destroySizeDependedD3DResources, could happen on device lost
  • Dead code removed
  • Fixed incorrect number of mipmaps in Per Pixel PCC
  • Improved shader occupancy on AMD (HLSL) of the voxelizer
  • [Metal] Declare RSC_VP_AND_RT_ARRAY_INDEX_FROM_ANY_SHADER capability as in
  • [D3D11]Fixed regresion in OpenVR sample
  • [D3D11] Fix build with non Win10 SDK
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for everything else except VBO buffers
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for fences
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr in D3D11TextureGpu for pointers with owner semantic
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for ID3D11ShaderResourceView pointers with owner semantic
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for ID3D11UnorderedAccessView pointers with owner semantic
  • [D3D11] Unused field removed from D3D11HLSLProgram
  • [D3D11] Dead code removed (mLastTextureUnitState is always 0)
  • [D3D11] Properly cleanup and always report live objects. Right now there are only ID3D11Device with 2 references, both from ID3D11Debug interface
  • [D3D11] Use ComPtr for interface pointers with owner semantic
  • [D3D11] Validate device before each frame to handle device loss, skip frame rendering if there are no yet available devices
  • [D3D11] Avoid assertion for shaders that are seems to be supported and even successully compiled but still could not be used on current GPU due to the additional requirements.
  • [D3D11, Metal, Pbs] Fixed clip_distance indexing - it's simple array of floats in Metal and GL3+, and cumbersome packing scheme in D3D11. TODO: check Samples/Media/Hlms/Terra/Metal/VertexShader_vs.metal:20, it should probably be adjusted to Samples/Media/Hlms/Pbs/Metal/VertexShader_vs.metal:37
  • Do not #include in headers
  • We can still use familiar Ogre::Log::Stream::operator<<(const T& ) API, even if is not included and StringStream is forward declaration at operator<< declaration point, as nested '<<' is type depended and would be compiled at usage site, where would be already included.
  • Fixed STBI codec compilation
  • HlmsTerraDatablock::setDetailMapOffsetScale does not allow detailMap > 4
  • Refine macOS build guide (#96)
  • Travis CI was never reporting errors due to the script always returning 0
  • Fixed bad merge
  • Fixed OgreWorkarounds.h encoding. (#93)
  • [D3D11] avoid DXGI ERROR: IDXGISwapChain2::SetMaximumFrameLatency: Can only be called for SwapChains with the DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG_FRAME_LATENCY_WAITABLE_OBJECT flag.
  • [D3D11] avoid DXGI ERROR: GetFullscreenDesc can only be called for HWND based swapchains.
  • Bugfix: Various shader compiler errors when blending multiple textures in Unlit
  • Snap to shadow map texels in FocusedShadowCameraSetup too. The effect is much weaker than ConcentricShadowCamera but at least it's something
  • We already had the position in light space, thus don't make multiple round trips i.e. do: snap() light space -> world space
  • Merge pull request #86 from yoyTeam/v2-2-stable-pssm
  • Concentric shadow setup are now stable for position changes. added numStableSplits to createShadowNodeWithSettings
  • Missing precompiled headers
  • Added realtime toggle to switch between stable and unstable PSSM in the ShadowMapDebugging demo
  • Merge with v2-2-irradiance-field
  • Added num_stable_splits
  • Added ConcentricShadowCamera and PSSMShadowCameraSetup::setNumStableSplits