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v2.2.3 Cerberus

@darksylinc darksylinc released this
· 1757 commits to master since this release
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Codename Cerberus

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  • Fix shared depth buffers leaking (#103)
  • [GL3+] Fix destruction of RenderTextures destroying regular Textures
  • Fix incorrect D3D11 assert occasionally triggering in StagingTexture
  • OgreScriptParser: add missing break (fixes OGRE-585)
  • Fix multiple bugs when spreading IBL specular pass over multiple frames
  • Fix IBL CS not compiling on D3D11 cards with 11.0 FL
  • Typed UAV loads is not always supported on iOS
  • Fix Forward+ overriding shadow casting lights' visibility
  • Fix stable PSSM outputting the wrong min/max range
  • Read the first 128 bytes to determine codec via magic numbers
  • Handle PFG_RGBA32_FLOAT in DDS codec