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v2.2.5 Cerberus

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@darksylinc darksylinc released this 06 Feb 19:33
· 112 commits to v2-2 since this release

Codename Cerberus

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  • [GL3+] Fix issue with EGL_HEADLESS and NVIDIA cards (Linux)
  • [GL3+] vtable minor issue
  • [GL3+] Include DRM DRI card to identify it properly
  • [GL3+] Raise exceptions if EGL init errors are found
  • [GL3+] Fix broken SDK install of GLX/OSX/EGL headers
  • Merge pull request #177 from OGRECave/v2-2-egl
  • [GL3+] Full X11 independence with OGRE_CONFIG_UNIX_NO_X11
  • Add Tutorial_EglHeadless
  • [GL3+] Fix texture downloads from Headless windows
  • Upgrade to latest gl3w version
  • [GL3+] Give meaningful errors msgs if OpenGL is not installed correctly
  • [GL3+] Do not crash if X11 is not available
  • [D3D11] Add "Rendering Device" to getPriorityConfigOption
  • Fix build error on Windows
  • Fix broken build on Windows
  • Do not build ASTC codec if not explicitly requested in CMake
  • Fix some issues with the new GL Switchable Interface support
  • [GL3+] It is now possible to switch between WGL/GLX/EGL at runtime
  • [GL3+] Return a shared base pointer, not a specific one
  • Improve RenderDoc integration on Windows
  • Improve RenderDoc integration
  • Add RenderDoc integration
  • Toggle new EGL headless support via CMake option
  • [GL3+] Improved support for headless rendering
  • [GL3+] Add EGL offscreen rendering support (WIP)
  • Fix "Corrupt chunk detected" messages
  • Fix v2 Mesh LOD thresholds not being saved to mesh
  • [D3D11] Do not destroy externally-owned HWND handles
  • Fix false positive in assert caused by off by one
  • Alpha tested textured shadows could be wrong (#163)
  • Destroying items causes other item skeletons to be deformed (#9)
  • Fix KTX codec not opening many files correctly
  • Fix build error in latest Linux distros (#132)
  • Fix wrong fail-safe check
  • Do not publish root files to github pages
  • Do not publish root files to github pages
  • Fix build error
  • Fix wrong math in Aabb::distance( Vector3 )
  • Fix C version of ArrayQuaternion::Cmov4 (#141)
  • Bumped version to 2.2.5
  • Do not push the whole repo to gh-pages
  • Put API docs under /api/2.2/ when publishing to gh-pages
  • Build v2-1 docs and set to publish