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v2.2.4 Cerberus

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@darksylinc darksylinc released this 20 Sep 15:37
· 174 commits to v2-2 since this release

Codename Cerberus

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  • [GL3+] sRGB RenderTextures were forced to always on
  • Fix crash when hitting cancel in the config dialog
  • Add CompositorWorkspace::getDefinition()
  • Fix crash at shutdown if Compute Shaders are used
  • Fix improper destruction of HlmsCompute
  • Fix dangling pointers after calling destroyTexBufferView
  • Fix broken IFD generation when using isotropic VCT
  • fix RaySceneQuery distance calculation
  • [D3D11, Metal] Noise wasn't being applied to SSAO
  • Improved performance of < operators
  • Fix multiple issues with < operator (Strict Weak Ordering)
  • Fix caches going haywire due to uninitialized padded bytes
  • EMISSIVE texture is missing in HlmsJsonPbs::loadTexture()
  • [Metal] Viewport needs to be set again after endRenderPassDescriptor
  • Fix corrupted textures in TextureBaking & UpdatingDecalsAndAreaLightTex
  • Fix HW morph animations not working with any advanced feature
  • [GL3+] Fix glitched textures in old GPUs (OGL 3.x)
  • Fix incorrect window texture resolution in windowed mode in OpenGl
  • Detect failure to create Dependency directory symlink
  • Fix crash at shutdown in TextureUnitState
  • Fix bug with compositor texture referenced from TextureUnitState
  • StagingBuffer's mLastUsedTimestamp must be uint64
  • Fix variable that should be uint64
  • fixed HlmsPbsDatablock::cloneImpl()
  • Fix crash using a v1 Entity with both pose and skeletal animations
  • Added normal map support for old-style BC3 normal maps
  • [Windows] Fix Window::reposition swapping top and left params
  • Added ability to remove RTVs from Compositor Node definitions
  • [D3D11] Fix D3D11Window::isClosed always returning true (#113)
  • Fix DLL dependencies not being copied during build (#104)
  • Fix OpenVR dlls not getting copied on build
  • Fix CMake error
  • Removed OIS dependency
  • Removed Cg plugin
  • [mingww64] Fix crash while loading any texture
  • [D3D11] Fix compiler error on IFD Visualizer shader on modern HLSL
  • Fix Forward+ overriding shadow casting lights' visibility