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Particle Universe plugin for Ogre3D with community fixes
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Plugins/ParticleUniverse By default, make created OGRE movable objects transparent to queries Mar 24, 2019
Samples/ParticleUniverseDemo compatibility with Bites changes in 1.11 Feb 10, 2018
Tools/AtlasImageTool remove binaries and vcproj leftovers Oct 8, 2016
.gitignore Added a very simple cmake build system to build the plugin. Oct 6, 2013
Changelog.txt move license and ChangeLog to top level Oct 8, 2016
LICENSE use canonical license file Nov 12, 2017

Particle Universe {#mainpage}

Particle Universe plugin for Ogre3D with community fixes

The purpose of this repository is to provide community maintenance for the excellent ParticleUniverse plugin - fixing compile errors, providing a cross-platform CMake build system, and making the plugin compatible with newer versions of Ogre.

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