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File metadata and controls

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Global OHI score metadata

All years of data have been recalculated using the most up-to-date data and methods.

Scores range from 0-100, with the exception of trend data which ranges from -1 to 1. Blank cells indicate that goal is not applicable to that region.

csv file contains 7 variables

header description
scenario Year (2012 to current year)
goal Code for the OHI goal (10 goals, represented by 2 characters; and 8 subgoals, represented by 3 characters), see table below for details
long_goal Full goal/subgoal name
dimension Dimension of the OHI score that is being calculated, see table below for details
region_id Numeric identifier of the global region, includes countries and territories
region_name Name of the global region
value Scores ranging from 0-1 for all dimensions except trend, which is between -1 and 1

List of goals and subgoals

These are 10 services that oceans provide that are important to humans. Four of the goals (biodiversity, livelihoods and economies, food provision and sense of place) are comprised of 2 subgoals.

Goal/subgoal Name
AO Artisanal Opportunities score (goal)
SPP Species score (sub-goal of Biodiversity)
BD Biodiversity score (goal)
HAB Habitats score (sub-goal of Biodiversity)
CP Coastal Protection score (goal)
CS Carbon Storage score (goal)
CW Clean Waters score (goal)
ECO Economies score (sub-goal of Livelihoods & Economies)
LE Livelihoods & Economies score (goal)
LIV Livelihoods score (sub-goal of Livelihoods & Economies)
FIS Wild-caught Fisheries score (sub-goal of Food Provision)
FIS Food Provision score (goal)
MAR Mariculture score (sub-goal of Food Provision)
ICO Iconic Species score (sub-goal of Sense of Place)
SP Sense of Place score (goal)
LSP Lasting Special Places score (sub-goal of Sense of Place)
NP Natural Products score (goal)
TR Tourism & Recreation score (goal)

List of dimension and short description

Dimension Description
score Final OHI score that takes into account current status and predicted future status
status Current status of goal based on current state relative to reference state
future Predicted future status (based on contributions of pressures, resilience, and trend)
pressures Cumulative pressures acting on a goal to reduce scores, used to calculate future status
resilience Average resilience variables acting on a goal to increase scores, used to calculate future status
trend Predicted proportional change in status after five years, based on average change in status per year multiplied by five, used to estimate future status