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OHIF is building software for medical imaging applications. We are bringing elegantly architected frameworks, consistent APIs, and openly implemented functional examples to digital healthcare.

This repository holds two distinct applications:

  1. The OHIF Viewer: A general purpose DICOM Viewer (demo)

OHIF Viewer Screenshot

  1. Lesion Tracker: An oncology-focused imaging application (demo)

Lesion Tracker Screenshot

It also contains several Meteor Packages which are used to build both of these applications.

OHIF Viewer Goals

The Open Health Imaging Foundation intends to provide a simple general purpose DICOM Viewer which can be easily extended for specific uses. The primary purpose of the OHIF Viewer is to serve as a testing ground for the underlying packages and the Cornerstone family of libraries.

Lesion Tracker

The Lesion Tracker is designed to facilitate quantitative assessments of tumour burden over time. It is similar in scope to the recently released ePAD Imaging Platform (, developed at Stanford Medicine.