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BD2K Open Educational Resources: BDK14 Ontologies 101

Introduction to OWL2 and data reasoning

Contributors: Nicole Vasilevsky, Melissa Haendel, Chris Mungall, David Osumi-Sutherland, Matt Yoder, Carlo Torniai, and Simon Jupp

Module Objectives:

At the completion of this component, the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe logical inference and data classification strategies using ontologies
  2. Understand the Web Ontology Language (OWL)
  3. How to participate in ontology development communities

Module Prerequisites: None

Module Units

Unit 1: Controlled Vocabularies, Ontologies, and Data Linking: Slides: BDK14-1.pptx

Unit 2: An Introduction to OWL: Slides: BDK14-2.pptx

Unit 3: Ontology Community: Slides: BDK14-3.pptx

Exercise: Ontology 101 Tutorial


  • basic-classification
  • basic-disjoint
  • basic-dl-query
  • basic-restriction
  • basic-subclass
  • domain-range
  • taxon-union

Recommended readings: BDK14_exercises/BDK14_RecommendedReadings.pdf

Additional resources

OBO Tutorial (by James Overton): A tutroial for building and using Open Biological and Biomedical Ontologies (OBO).

Ontology Starter Kit (by Chris Mungall): Tooling for creating and managing OBO ontologies.

HPO Workbench: The HPO Workbench is a Java app designed as a browser for the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) terms and annotated diseases. HPO Workbench has a series of functions that can be used by collaborators to review and make suggestions for extending, correcting, or otherwise revising the HPO or the disease annotations.

See additional ontology tutuorials and resources here


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