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Custom tls logging

In your Suricata.yaml, find the tls-log section and edit as follows:

- tls-log:
    enabled: yes      # Log TLS connections.
    filename: tls.log # File to store TLS logs.
    append: yes
    custom: yes       # enabled the custom logging format (defined by customformat)
    customformat: "%{%D-%H:%M:%S}t.%z %a:%p -> %A:%P %v %n %d %D"

And in your tls.log file you would get the following, for example:

12/03/16-19:20:14.85859 -> VERSION='TLS 1.2' NOTBEFORE='2016-10-27T20:36:00' NOTAFTER='2017-01-25T20:36:00'
12/03/16-19:20:20.36849 -> VERSION='TLS 1.2' NOTBEFORE='2016-03-10T00:00:00' NOTAFTER='2018-05-17T12:00:00'

The list of supported format strings is the following:

  • %n - client SNI
  • %v - TLS/SSL version
  • %d - certificate date not before
  • %D - certificate date not after
  • %f - certificate fingerprint SHA1
  • %s - certificate subject
  • %i - certificate issuer dn
  • %E - extended format
  • %{strftime_format}t - timestamp of the TLS transaction in the selected strftime format. ie: 08/28/12-22:14:30
  • %z - precision time in useconds. ie: 693856
  • %a - client IP address
  • %p - client port number
  • %A - server IP address
  • %P - server port number

Any non printable character will be represented by its byte value in hexadecimal format (|XX|, where XX is the hex code)

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