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Lua Output

Suricata offers the possibility to get more detailed output on specific kinds of network traffic via pluggable lua scripts. You can write these scripts yourself and only need to define four hook functions.

For lua output scripts suricata offers a wide range of lua functions. They all return information on specific engine internals and aspects of the network traffic. They are described in the following sections, grouped by the event/traffic type. But let's start with a example explaining the four hook functions, and how to make suricata load a lua output script.

Script structure

A lua output script needs to define 4 hook functions: init(), setup(), log(), deinit()

  • init() -- registers where the script hooks into the output engine
  • setup() -- does per output thread setup
  • log() -- logging function
  • deinit() -- clean up function


function init (args)
    local needs = {}
    needs["protocol"] = "http"
    return needs

function setup (args)
    filename = SCLogPath() .. "/" .. name
    file = assert(, "a"))
    SCLogInfo("HTTP Log Filename " .. filename)
    http = 0

function log(args)
    http_uri = HttpGetRequestUriRaw()
    if http_uri == nil then
        http_uri = "<unknown>"
    http_uri = string.gsub(http_uri, "%c", ".")

    http_host = HttpGetRequestHost()
    if http_host == nil then
        http_host = "<hostname unknown>"
    http_host = string.gsub(http_host, "%c", ".")

    http_ua = HttpGetRequestHeader("User-Agent")
    if http_ua == nil then
        http_ua = "<useragent unknown>"
    http_ua = string.gsub(http_ua, "%g", ".")

    timestring = SCPacketTimeString()
    ip_version, src_ip, dst_ip, protocol, src_port, dst_port = SCFlowTuple()

    file:write (timestring .. " " .. http_host .. " [**] " .. http_uri .. " [**] " ..
           http_ua .. " [**] " .. src_ip .. ":" .. src_port .. " -> " ..
           dst_ip .. ":" .. dst_port .. "\n")

    http = http + 1

function deinit (args)
    SCLogInfo ("HTTP transactions logged: " .. http);


To enable the lua output, add the 'lua' output and add one or more scripts like so:

  - lua:
      enabled: yes
      scripts-dir: /etc/suricata/lua-output/
        - tcp-data.lua
        - flow.lua

The scripts-dir option is optional. It makes Suricata load the scripts from this directory. Otherwise scripts will be loaded from the current workdir.

Developing lua output script

You can use functions described in :ref:`Lua Functions <lua-functions>`

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