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Contributors to Open Science 101


Everybody who contributed to this repo is invited to include himself here (either put it in an issue,, so we can add the person, or do a pull request).


Name, affiliation, GitHub handle (optional)

  • Matthias Fromm, Open Science Radio, @matthiasfromm
  • Konrad Förstner, University of Würzburg/Open Science Radio, @konrad
  • Andreas Leimbach, University of Würzburg/Göttingen/Münster, @aleimba
  • Markus Ankenbrand, University of Würzburg, @iimog
  • Daniel Mietchen, NIH, @Daniel-Mietchen
  • Tamara Heck, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, @marahe
  • Jonathan Dugan, , @jmdugan
  • Mario Antonioletti, EPCC/SSI, University of Edinburgh, @marioa
  • Patricia Herterich, University of Birmingham, @pherterich
  • Selina Aragon, EPCC/SSI, University of Edinburgh, @selina-aragon
  • Sascha Fiesike, University of Würzburg, @friesike