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Hardware revision A Updated hardware revision B Sep 12, 2017
Hardware revision B Updated hardware revision B Sep 12, 2017
Hardware revision C update Jul 31, 2018
Hardware revision D Update Jan 4, 2019
Hardware revision E Update Jan 4, 2019 Update Jan 4, 2019


ESP32 WiFi / BLE development board with Ethernet, microSD card, GPIOs made with KiCAD.

Notice that we use the latest nightly KiCad builds.

Hardware change log:

  • Hardware revision E
  1. R5 connected after T1's collector and value changed from NA to 1K.
  2. Improved drill distances.
  • Hardware revision D

Major Ethernet schematic changes, similar to ESP32-PoE:

  1. LAN8710's pin XTAL1 was disconnected from GPIO0 and connected to GPIO17/EMAC_CLK_OUT_180. GPIO17 is now GPIO5 is now used as Ethernet "power pin".
  2. CR1(Q50MHz/25ppm/3V/4P/5x3.2mm) and all surrounding elements were deleted.
  3. U8(NCP303LSN27T1G(SOT-23-5)) and all surrounding elements were deleted.
  4. U10(BAT54C), R44 and R5 were deleted.
  5. FET1, R5, R6, C2, T1 and L1 were added to enable Ethernet power on/off feature.
  6. GPIO5 is used for Ethernet power on/off.
  • Hardware revision C
  1. R5(1k) resistor added between OSC_EN and NRST(pin #19) of LAN8710A chip. Later, it was changed to NA!
  2. U2 changed from SY8009AAAC(SOT23-5) to SY8089AAAC(SOT23-5).
  3. FET2 changed from IRLML6402 to WPM2015-3/TR.
  4. ESP32-WROOM module pad improvements

Major changes to the Ethernet PHY and reset similar to EVB's_Rev_D1:

  1. U8 changed from BD5230G-TR(SSOP5/SOT-23-5) to NCP303LSN27T1G(SOT-23-5).
  2. C28 changed from 10nF/50V/20%/Y5V/C0603 to 470nF/16V/10%/X7R/C0603.
  3. C18 changed from 10uF/6.3V/20%/X5R/C0603 to NA.
  4. R38 changed from 100k to 10k/R0603.
  5. R5 changed from 1k/R0603 to NA.