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These apps accomplish the following:

-- ESP8266-EVB-blinkLED : Blink by green LED on ESP8266-EVB

-- arduino_style :

-- esphttpd : Advanced web-server for ESP8266-EVB (Config, Rele, Button).

Build toolchain is easy to use, it basically does all on its own.

  • Clone the repository to /opt/Espressif (or somewhere else, this path seems to be preferred by some people)
  • Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install make unrar autoconf automake libtool gcc g++ gperf flex bison texinfo gawk ncurses-dev libexpat-dev python sed
  • make, wait a few minutes, done.
  • Add export PATH="${PATH}:/opt/Espressif/xtensa-lx106-elf/bin to your .bashrc, .profile, .zshrc, whatever. Or just run it every time you want to use the toolchain.

In some versions of the SDK there seems to be a problem with some type definitions. If you have problems compiling with errors that some types are not defined try opening xtensa-lx106-elf/xtensa-lx106-elf/sysroot/usr/include/c_types.h and replace #if 0 near the top with #if 1.

Get esptool

Some projects use esptool, which is something completely different as and which is not installed by esp-open-sdk. You can get esptool here:

or here: